Opening my Life to Angelic Help Part 1

Opening my Life to Angelic Help Part 1 by Joy Gabriella #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Angelic

Opening my Life to Angelic Help Part 1 by Joy Gabriella #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Angelic

Many of us experience Angelic Blessings on a regular basis throughout our day, but often we don’t even notice or recognize what has happened, particularly if we are not consciously working with Angels. However, sometimes the experiences with Angels are so striking, so stimulating of our curiosity button, that they get retold. The need to share these extraordinary experience is so great it often can’t be contained, and this is how I’ve come to hear these tales. In my practice as an Energy Healing Specialist, now focusing on channeling Angelic messages, I’ve been privileged to be the confidant. Now, with the permission of all three individuals involved, I share their experiences with you, with the names changed. While you may not have an Angelic connection or one as strong as told here, they are a good point to start thinking about Angels in Your life…

While you may not have an Angelic connection or one as strong as told here, they are a good point to start thinking about Angels in Your life…

Like many children, at age 12 Charlie had been hearing and seeing Angels for many years.  The relationship was strong, but doubts were beginning to seep in for Charlie as he listened more often to the views of most of the adults in his world.

One day, Charlie had been having almost constant discussions with the tiny Angels who went everywhere with him.  In frustration that they would not do what he asked (he really wanted a basketball hoop at his home), he decided to end his life with the Angels.

As he stomped away, he paused at the busy street he often had the challenge of crossing, sometimes even running when the green light read “Walk” as cars raced around the corners of the cross way.

On this day, he had a feeling to pause at the curb. Normally, he would have taken this as a small Angel signal.  On this day, he wanted no part of ‘sensations,’ voices in his head, or any other signs or indications from His Angels. He stepped off the curb and began to stroll to the other side.

Suddenly he felt hands like steel around his waist, preventing him from moving. He struggled, but he couldn’t take a step forward, nor could he see anything holding him. Then a large car turned the corner at speed, aiming directly at the spot Charlie would have reached had he not been held.

Nothing happened. Charlie had been stopped before reaching the critical point, but he knew in his heart that it was not his own doing.  He’d had a close relationship with Archangel Michael, and he paused to thank him for this protection, deciding not to ‘end’ his relationship as it didn’t seem to be his choice in any event.  Twenty years later, he shared the story with me at the start of our first session, and I’m blessed to be able to pass it along to you.


Maryanne is a talented, creative lady who now owns a graphic design business and works on her own art “all the time I can find,” having achieved two ‘One Woman Shows’ in New York in the past year.  She shared this ‘blessing experience’ when we were talking about how Angels had affected our lives.  From her perspective, this experience brought her into the ‘Angel fold,’ and she now maintains a strong personal Angelic practice and Angel altar, finding it deeply fulfilling.

As a young woman, she was involved in a romance.  She and ‘Steve’ (his name is changed as well), were ‘engaged to be engaged’ and deeply in love. Or so she thought until a ‘good friend,’ told her she’d seen Steve in a local fine restaurant with a beautiful woman, holding hands.

Maryanne was so devastated she didn’t wait to be hurt – she lashed out immediately, ending her relationship with Steve, returning their friendship ring and refusing his calls.

She was miserable, broken hearted, but felt she was holding true to her values, hopes and ideals. She cried herself to sleep each night, and about 2 weeks after the break-up she had a dream with Steve in it.  He was crying, in his bedroom, with the lights out, holding her picture in a frame close to his chest.  She woke up with a start.

She prayed immediately (raised a Catholic and still faithful, this seemed natural to her).  She felt some peace, and then felt the presence of Ariel, the Angel of relationship difficulties, and the lesser known Mihael, the Angel of Lasting – Love. She felt that the presences she sensed were trying to let her know her dream was true, a real communication.

Maryanne believed, and took her courage in hand, going to Steve’s apartment the next morning, a Sunday. She vowed that if there was a woman present, she would gracefully leave and stop listening to the Angels.

She rang the door and it opened immediately. Steve just stared at her, hollow eyed, hair unwashed. The apartment behind him was a mess.  She couldn’t bring herself to speak, not knowing how he felt.  Finally, he put his hand out, and gently touched hers. “I thought you were gone forever, and my life wasn’t my life without you in it. We are soul mates.”

Ever after Maryanne has consulted her Angels on issues large and small, including child raising issues for her and Steve’s children. She believes she would never have contacted Steve without that dream, she believes it was a gift from the Angels, and to date, she reports that no guidance she has felt has led her astray. [The ending of this tale is that the woman Steve was holding hands with was his sister, home from her big city modeling career…]


Beth shared her blessing experience when she sought a Reading about her twin sister’s well-being. In her late 30’s, Beth felt she had been watching over her twin for a long time, and she told me this story to illustrate her point.

When the girls were 15 they were at their annual summer residence in the Midwestern section of the USA, in a house on a beautiful lake. They had a swimming pier docked about 30 yards from shore. The girls and their friends would challenge each other to races out to the pier, and spend hours sunning, playing diving games, talking.

One day, just the two of them were at the pier her twin, Gayle, was complaining of a stomach ache, but they had come out just after lunch and neither took it seriously. They talked and sunbathed, whiling away the time as some girls do, finding the bonding and love so fulfilling. Neither noticed the storm coming, and their mother, the official ‘weather watcher,’ was at a friend’s that day. They had no notice of the tornado warnings being broadcast, nor the severe weather alarms.

Beth was struck, literally in the middle of a sentence about her latest boyfriend, with the strong feeling they needed to get off the pier. Gayle laughed at her and said her stomach hurt too much just then, maybe she’d eaten too much lunch. So, they continued their afternoon, like so many others, with no real sentiment of danger.

Suddenly Beth looked up and saw a real funnel cloud crossing the lake toward them. Screaming “swim to shore,” she pushed her sister off the pier. As Beth started to swim away she heard Gayle scream “I hurt too much, I can’t swim!”

Beth turned back – while not a trained lifeguard she knew she had to help Gayle.  When she reached her, Gayle had already gone under water one time, and was swallowing water as she screamed.  Then she went under water again.

Horrified, Beth dove down and grabbed Gayle, who was struggling. Then, the struggling stopped. Gayle became instantly calmer. Beth was able to pull her up and start swimming to land.  As she swam, the sky was green, the wind was high, and she felt true terror.  Gayle was like a dead weight in her arms, pulling her down.

As she began to sink into real fear (when previously she’d acted on instinct), she felt blasted with strength and light.  Her swimming arm became strong, and she could easily hold Gayle.  She heard a voice:  “I’m your Guardian Angel – we will make it through this.” So, filled with energy by the Angel’s voice, Beth lost her fear as she gained her strength.

In the end, they made it to shore and into the tornado shelter on the property (by this time, there were spouts all around).  Gayle, it turned out, had appendicitis, but the storm passed in time for her to be taken to a hospital.

Everyone who rescued them and the family praised Beth’s brave actions, but she knew how deep her despair and fear had been. She told me that without that Angel, she would have lost her beloved twin, and perhaps not made it to land, herself. She considered it a life-changing blessing and has tried to live a serene and spirit centered life ever since.

I’ve experienced my own blessings, but none as dramatic as these three. Will you be open to being blessed and ask for help in a moment of duress at some time in the future?

Much love and bless you as you open to the power and beauty the Angels can bring to your life.


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