Over Spiritualizing My Life Part 1

Over Spiritualizing My Life Part 1 by Nadia Kim #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SpiritualProcess
Over Spiritualizing My Life Part 1 by Nadia Kim #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #OverSpiritualizing
What did over spiritualizing my life do for me?

This past year has been intense, to say the least. I don’t know about you, but I have found myself facing challenge after challenge. It’s like I am pushed out of my comfort zone and forced to expand how I move in a situation, and get used to this new understanding, and then Bam! Here comes another one.

I’m reminded of being in the ocean. I turn to see a massive wave headed in my direction, I get up on my tip-toes to avoid getting pulled down. My body tenses as the wave causes me to jump, a sign of relief passes my lips and then while I am taking that time to recover, Whoosh! Before I know it, the wave has pulled me under the current. I don’t even have a chance to process what has happened. It’s reaction time. I have to get to the surface and catch my breath, but on the way up, I am fighting through discomfort and pain from lack of oxygen, and the strength of the powerful beast that is the Ocean.

This analogy sums up the experiences I’ve lived through this year. I am sure many of you can relate.

The more I faced, the more inward I turned. What did that mean? I became self-reflective. I spent more time meditating and living in my thoughts rather than engaging with the real world. And as I did, I lost touch. I became disconnected and found myself floating on a singular cloud, all alone, with no one that I could relate to. I didn’t even know what to talk about with those I had to see daily, when doing normal human things, like standing in line to pick up my 8-year-old.

That once extreme extrovert had become introverted, and for someone who was also known for being talkative, I no longer remembered how to engage with others. I was too busy “love and lighting” my situations away to deal with them.

I lived in my head and went through my spiritual process, which by the way, happens daily in our lives.

I’ve felt for a while now, a need to clarify this idea. So, allow me to side-bar for a moment. Spirituality is not something that you seek out. It happens in everyday life, with every challenge or obstacle you face. That person you’ve been growing into, the person I’m becoming, it’s the Universe molding, sculpting, chipping away at us to create a work of beauty.

The more challenges we face, the more that is being chipped away… and it’s all a spiritual process.

How can that be?

Because we are Spiritual Beings living a physical experience. But, like what happened to me, and I know to others as well, living on that cloud of seeming peace after facing wave after wave of challenges isn’t helping us. In a way, we are running from this dimension, screaming enough!

Sometimes we need a break, and that’s okay. But we need to catch our breath and re-engage with humanity.

Because each person we interact with may be chosen by the universe to deliver that one message that will catapult us into the being we were meant to be in this life. We say to the Universe, “I’m ready,” when we reemerge into society and begin to allow the challenges and obstacles to beat us down. Chipping away at parts of us that no longer serve us in our growth and process of change. This was the lesson I learned.

And when I came back and allowed my angel wings to be clipped, I came crashing back to reality, hard. That was ten times more painful than some of the obstacles I had endured. I also learned the importance of balance needed in my life between spiritual and physical worlds.

This way, in that balance, the shock was removed, and I have a much smoother reentry process.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series next week!

– Nadia

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