Peace Love and Joy

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We are all Peace Love and Joy with the capacity to give this to others.  We just have to believe.

Decorating my home this year, I was enjoying the holiday music. I love listening to and singing any holiday song. The songs bring me back to a time when the magic of the season originally gripped me.  It recalls the love my parents used to create a giving, loving and very merry atmosphere.

After I was finished decorating, I continued listening to holiday music & programs, which brought tears to my eyes. So many memories came to mind, infused with love & joy. The scenes in my mind were full of the blessings of love in my life. I also thought about those who have not a similar life of love, of those who have different beliefs or do not have spiritual beliefs at all. To all, I send love and blessings, understanding we all have different paths and lessons, being grateful for my life.

When I was young, I believed in Santa Claus with all my heart and soul. I had absolutely no doubt that he existed, along with the magic of elves and flying reindeer.  The North Pole wasn’t just the top of the planet; it was where Christmas lived. Interestingly, as a child, I didn’t think “Rudolph” was “real”, however, the rest was completely real. Even as a child, I had a rational mind, while also believing wholeheartedly in magic.

One day in third grade, over lunchtime a boy told me Santa wasn’t real.  I can still see him sitting across the table from me, amazed at my belief and a bit triumphant in his superior knowledge. I recall saying, “Santa is real!  My parents can’t afford all the presents he brings us!”  I was upset and angry that this boy would question MY beliefs! I thought to myself, “if he doesn’t believe he won’t be getting any presents.”At home, still being quite upset, my mom told me I could believe whatever I wanted, and

At home, still being quite upset, my mom told me I could believe whatever I wanted, and of course, Santa was real.  Well, after I realized my parents were Santa Claus a year or two later, the magic never went away. I realized Santa was real because Santa is Love. My parents are Love, and they delivered Santa to me in Love. Love is Spirit and we are all Spirit with Divine magic within our souls.

Even now, I still become excited with the magic of the season.  It is all about love, peace and giving for the sheer joy it offers others. My parents gave me the gift of magic, peace love and joy! What better gift could I have received? What better gift can I give? I know now, they saved and saved for months to provide my sisters and I a joyous Christmas, often going without for many years. Their love is what makes me emotional at this time of year. They taught me the joy of giving, and it’s a gift I will always treasure and continue to pass on.

A few years ago, my first niece at 10 years old began to question Santa Claus. She asked me one day, “Auntie Heather, do you believe in Santa Claus?”  I smiled at her, and said, “of course I do. I believe in the magic, love & joy of Santa Claus.”  Was this lying?  I didn’t think so, because the legend of Santa Claus is based on an individual who gave from the heart, which is exactly what my parents did for me, and exactly what each and every one of us have the capacity to do.

The magic of this season is cause for our souls to rejoice. And no matter what our religious beliefs, we all understand Love. We all understand Peace. We all understand Joy. Santa Claus represents it all as the pure Spirit of giving in Divine Love and Light. And since we all have Spirit within our souls, we are all Divine Love and Light. We are all One. How magical is that?

Connecting to our Divine magical Light allows each of us to be Santa Claus in every way, every day, throughout the year. We are all Peace Love and Joy with the capacity to give this to others.  We just have to believe.

Happy Holidays!