Plan for Success: Master Your Life in 2019

Plan for Success: Master Your Life in 2019 by Dr. Maryann Miller #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Master

Plan for Success: Master Your Life in 2019 by Dr. Maryann Miller #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Master

Are you wanting to live the best life in 2019 and have a positive successful lifestyle?

If you desire such success, have a plan to Manifest Success with Success Consciousness. The ego-mind restricts your conscious connection with your Inner-Voice, thus you live life in the illusion of separation. Your actions and reactions are based upon personal survival of varying degrees, seeking happiness externally without recognition of the wisdom of your Inner Voice.

Start Planning for 2019, Now.

There are times we each act from our untrained Ego-mind, but each time you recognize the cause and effect of any situation, and grasp the opportunity to operate or deal with it from a higher level of consciousness, you move into higher frequencies of consciousness that allow you to transmute old ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that have previously kept you in painful recurring situations and cycles.

Set Your Plan for 2019 with Intent for Goals and Inspirations.

As you transmute these old energy patterns, you heal your psyche, your emotions, and your physical body. Old challenges seem to no longer stifle your progress, new and exciting opportunities arise, and you begin to live in serenity, thus proving the old saying that Peace begins within. Thoughts are Powerful. Your thoughts are potent, dynamic energies that form your attitudes, feelings, relationships, and experiences. Thoughts actually create changes in your subconscious and how you act and react to life’s challenges and situations.

In The Intention Experiment, Lynne McTaggart reveals the following research. EMG imagining is “a real-time snapshot of the brain’s instructions to the body.” As skiers mentally rehearsed downhill runs, the electrical impulses heading to their muscles were just the same as those they used to make runs and jumps while actually skiing the run. The brain sent the same instructions to the body, whether the skiers were simply thinking of a particular movement or actually carrying it out. Thought produced the same mental instructions as action.

Energy follows attention so wherever you place your attention, energy follows. Thoughts are strengthened through repetition. If you want to change your reality, you must reprogram your beliefs and create new patterns whenever you feel stress rising up within you. You must replace your old thought patterns by creating new ones, and then be consistent with them long enough to implant them into your subconscious as new beliefs.

So how do you stop old patterns from 2018 and cycles or change their outcomes for 2019?

Observe the situation. Observe yourself when you are feeling stressed, upset, angry, insecure, want to express yourself with a combative tone, or are in the middle of an argument; that’s the time to focus inwardly and center yourself. This will give you time to regroup your emotions and halt the conflict before it begins. Recognize that all external conflicts reflect internal struggles that need balancing or healing. Look at the situation. What does the situation want you to know? Look for deeper truths that are signaling for your full awareness.

Be conscious of the moment and understand that the experience is there to support your internal growth. Ask yourself, “Is this a repeating pattern in my life?” “Is this what I truly want?” Observe what’s going on inside of you to see if you are reacting from subconscious beliefs and patterns. Look deeper into the experience to find a solution that is in the best interest for both parties, and ways for you to grow from the experience.

Examine how you have contributed to the situation and see how you can rectify it. Discern if you fully understand the situation or the other person and observe what, if any, fault might lay with you.

Master Your Life in 2019:

Master your life, release fear, and reprogram your subconscious. When you successfully rewire your subconscious mind and become the master of your life, you will attain serenity, happiness, joy, health, success and ready for the New Year!

– Maryann

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