Portion Distortion: Eating the Right Amount

Portion Distortion: Eating the Right Amount by Nicola Graham #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #PortionDistortion

Portion Distortion: My Guide on Eating Just the Right Amount of Food

One of the things I do all the time is cook way too much food. Maybe it’s a mothering instinct, or perhaps, I just like to see everyone fed and happy. The thing is though, sometimes when I overcook, I also overeat.

If you are of a generation that had to “finish what is on your plate,” then like me, you are likely to overeat even though you know you are far too full to fit anything else in (well maybe except pudding because we have an extra space for that, right?).

It’s not just our excess that encourages us to eat more.

You can SUPERSIZE almost anything these days. Extra gigantic tubs of fizzy pop, super maxed fries, massive sized chocolate bars, all you can eat buffets and many more clever marketing tricks all designed to get you to spend more money, in a non-healthy way!

The more we have on our plate, the more it encourages us to eat. Sometimes this can be 30 – 50 % more than we need!

Do not fear portion distortion, as I’ve put together some handy hints to help you gain control of your portions:

  • Use smaller containers; separate leftovers into small single serving tubs as soon as you have served up. That way you are less likely to go back for seconds.
  • Cook enough vegetables to cover half of your plate and serve these first, there’ll be less room on the plate for grain or protein.
  • Have a small salad or glass of water before your main meal; it will curb your appetite.
  • When eating out share, a starter platter with a friend, that way you all feel great!
  • Eat more slowly. It takes time for the body to stop putting out hunger vibes. Wait around 20 minutes before having a second helping or even dessert.
  • Store snacks into single portions, that way you won’t eat the whole bag in one sitting!
  • Avoid a serve yourself style dinner table. Portion up everyone’s plate, and leave any leftovers in the kitchen so it’s out of sight.
  • Try having smaller, more frequent meals during the day. You will avoid piling your plate high because of hunger.

It’s not always easy sticking to our healthy eating goals, but just using simple tricks can make a difference!

If you are finding converting to a healthy lifestyle too overwhelming why not let me help you. Book yourself a consultation with me (totally free and no obligation). It’s super simple just hop over here and pick a time that suit you.

– Nicki

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