The Positive Benefits of Sound Healing

The Positive Benefits of Sound Healing by Todd Le Bouef #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Sound

Music is not an invention but is something that is innate within all of us.

We create and use music as an emotive vehicle to help create a wide array of feelings that we might be experiencing at any given time. Whether we are sad or happy, we use music as a therapy to help soothe or enhance what we are feeling.

We use music for ceremonies, entertainment, leisure, and communication. Music is truly a form of communication and a universal language that is understood by everyone in the world.

We use music for a marriage ceremony to express love, to say goodbye to a loved one after leaving this world, or just dance to music for fun. But more importantly, using music as a form of therapy is a very effective and healing modality.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a method of which a Practitioner uses specific music and or sounds such as tuning forks or Tibetan Singing Bowls to help improve the health of their client in the areas of emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological bodies. Sound healing therapy improves many areas of a client’s life such as cognitive, social development, and psychiatric health.

The practice of sound healing consists of many aspects which all depend on the particular needs of the client. It could be meditative music or even pairing it with a Reiki session to help release what no longer serves the client.

The Principles of Healing Sound:

  1. The Principle of Resonance –

Resonance is the most important healing principle of sound and music. It designates the ability of vibration to reach through vibrational waves to set-off a similar vibration in another body. It is through resonance that we can explain the sympathy and antipathy to other people and conditions in our environment. It is also this principle which allows us in the physical to contact and attune to those entities and energies in the spiritual or more ethereal dimensions of life.

  1. The Principle of Melody –

Melody cannot exist without a relationship, and thus, it helps us to see how everything is connected. One tone by itself does not create a melody, but as one tone is placed alongside others, the melody is formed. Melodies, whether spoken, sung, or played upon a musical instrument, will soothe and alter emotional and mental stress that could be the cause of physical dis-ease.

  1. The Principle of Pitch –

Pitch must be considered in any of its forms when applying to healing sounds. Pitch is the highness or lowness of a sound. The pitch is determined by the speed at which the sound waves vibrate. The faster the sound waves, the higher the pitch. As we raise our physical and spiritual energy levels, we open to a higher degree of health.

The Chakra System and Sound Healing

Sound healing works on a similar principle to that of color healing. Each chakra resonates with a particular note of the musical scale. These notes can be chanted, sung, or chimed over the chakra to release the negative energies and open the chakra to a stronger flow of energy. The use of sound is very effective in healing our energy field and helps align our chakras to put us back in a harmonious energy state. If you would like to learn more, join me for my free class.

Sound healing is a very effective modality.

It can be used by itself or paired with other modalities such as crystal therapy to help dispel negative energy blockages which allows fluid energy movement within your client, so their body can heal on their own.

Stay tuned for my article next week where I will share about healing and balancing within, using crystals, music, and Reiki!

– Todd

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