The Power of the 11-11 Gateway

The Power of the 11-11 Gateway by Heather Corinne Lang #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Gateway

Welcome to the 2019 11-11 gateway. It happens on Monday, November 11, 2019.

What can we expect? Read on!

The 11-11 gateway happens each year on November 11th. November, the 11th month of the year coupled with the 11th day of the month, gives you the 11-11 gateway. In numerology, the number one is the Divine conduit. The number one symbolizes the connection between the Divine and Earth, the Divine and the Human Soul. This connection between the Divine and the Soul allows us to better receive and understand the messages we are being given from Spirit. It is an increase in our intuition, and our higher self, “talking” to our human mind. Meditation is extremely helpful during the days before, the day of, and the days after this gateway, where the connection is considered even more powerful. When we see the number one in this sequence, the vibration of the number is quadrupled!

Our current year, 2019, reduces to the number 3.

In numerology, the number 3 is about creativity, passion, and fun. It also symbolizes the third chakra or the solar plexus. The solar plexus is about your personal power, your self-respect, your self-confidence, and your self-esteem. The number three is also about joy, optimism, and independence.

This 11-11-2019 gateway in numerology also represents the number 7. This number is about seeking wisdom, knowledge, metaphysical information, and intuition.

This year’s gateway happens right before the full moon in Taurus.

A full moon is typically about releasing old beliefs, thoughts, and ways. A full moon sheds light on us, highlighting those things within us and around us that we can let go of to allow transmuting, transformation, and healing. After this process, the energy wave of the new moon can increase to allow our new intentions, beginnings, and situations to manifest. When we have the 11-11 gateway coinciding with this full moon energy, our intuition heightens to what it is we need to do on our soul journey. And, this energy is with us for several days.

Taurus’ characteristics include determination, practicality, ambition, and materialism. They love their appearance, comforts, luxury, homes, and all senses. They can be stubborn, like all earth signs (Capricorn and Virgo are the other two), grounded, and steadfast. They love human contact yet also enjoy relaxing in their comfortable home.

We are in the month of Scorpio symbolizing deep inner work, heightened intuition, and high adaptability.

Strong-willed and determined, Scorpios are also very compassionate, but can at times be extremely controlling and appear cold and uncaring. Their competitive nature can take them far in life when utilizing their psychic abilities and compassion. Scorpio is what is down below, it can reveal hidden truths.

We also have Mercury Retrograde happening.

Mercury rules thoughts, communication, and travel. Retrogrades help us go within to review, revise, redo, and rethink. It can help us rejuvenate, regenerate, and revitalize our ways of thinking, speaking, and listening.

All of this helps us reconnect with our inner truths and reveal hidden aspects that we must re-examine and determine whether these are things we wish to release. Oftentimes our hidden aspects, or our shadow side, are things we do not want to know about ourselves. We all have these shadow sides, we all have secrets, and we all have truths, we may not “like” about ourselves. They also may be truths that we do recognize, yet are afraid to reveal to the world, for fear of being “different”, judged, or misunderstood.

Yet, being truthful with our WHOLE self brings us a renewed way of being.

It refreshes our energy and recharges us to be our authentic self, embrace your power, and love our entire being. When we can truly be who we are meant to be, we attract more of the same energy. We can attract more of what we need to allow us to carry out our soul mission, whether it is relationships, situations, ideas, or experiences to help us on our path.

When we can be our authentic self and shine the light on our entire being, we can more easily flow with life and all of its ways. This gateway increases downloads from the Divine, and we can more readily understand the messages for our lives. We can ground the higher vibrations from this gateway into ourselves and raise our frequency. When we raise our frequency to be more in tune with the Universal Divine, we experience an even deeper connection to our souls and the Divine that is within us.

May you utilize this powerful gateway for your highest good!

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– Heather

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