The Power of Your Mind in Healing Part 2

The Power of Your Mind in Healing Part 2 by Danielle Duperret #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #HealingPart2
The Power of Your Mind in Healing Part 2 by Danielle Duperret #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #HealingPart2
The Power of Your Mind in Healing Part 2: Hijacked

In Part 1, you experienced the fact that you are not your mind. You can choose how thoughts flow and what to do with them. The more you exercise this choice, the more empowered you become. Easier said than done? This is why.

Let’s use the metaphor “Life Is a Cruise.” Imagine that you are journeying on your leased ship (your body), with the Captain being your conscious mind. After several years, the First Mate (the non-conscious) seems to do the job rather well. You trust it to take care of things, while you enjoy life, “Eat, drink and be merry!”

Initially, your First Mate took you to the places you wanted to visit. You cruised for many years, from one port to another, enjoying the voyage, while occupying yourself with more “worthy” matters. You did not notice that your First Mate had put your life on auto-pilot.

One day, you become aware that you are now visiting places you did NOT plan on your journey. As you let life run its course, without much conscious input, you drifted away from your goals. Your ship is not in the great condition it was when you first set sail. There are many concerns.

You decide to take an inventory of your ship/body and realize that it is full of excess luggage (weight). The machinery needs to be cleansed: neither your blood nor your sugar levels are where they are supposed to be. There may be rusty spots here and there. It does not maneuver as swiftly as it used to. The command center, your brain, needs some tuning up. The sweetheart you married is not so sweet any longer. You may be stuck in a port you do not like or trapped in a hurricane. The company you leased the ship from is ready to take it back before it sinks. You have hit a crisis point!

You still have a long list of projects to accomplish and/or places to visit. You want to keep exploring and YOU DECIDE to take things back into your hands. After all, you are the Captain. You go to your First Mate and demand s/he relinquishes the commands back to you. His/her answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT! S/he is enjoying being the commander and would rather you go back to your golf game, shopping sprees and TV shows. There is a tension between you as the Captain (the conscious mind that should have been in charge) and your First Mate (the non-conscious mind), who wants to keep things the way they are.

Have you ever noticed that when you decide to start a diet or exercise program to gain control of your health, or when you want to start on a new project or change jobs that things don’t automatically fall into place? There is often an internal challenge to face.

You could give up, but it’s not in your character. You could demand control and start an internal civil war, which you will most likely lose as the non-conscious mind will no doubt overpower you. Remember, it works with much more information and at much faster speed than your conscious mind ever will.

How can you regain control?

There is a wonderful story told about a polar bear and Husky dogs in the Great North, which I will use as another metaphor.

The Huskies were all tied to a pole when a big, hungry polar bear showed up on the premises. Look at this bear! His ears are flat against his head. He is in for a fight … and a good meal. The polar bear represents the powerful non-conscious mind. It is ready to fight, and poor little Huskies (the conscious mind) do not have much of a chance.

However, the Huskies assumed the play position, known to every animal around the world. Front legs down, butt up, tail wagging.

This changes the whole demeanor of the ferocious polar bear. A game? Why not? He likes to play too…. and play they did. The polar bear never hurt the Huskies and became a playful companion.

What’s the message?

Be PLAYFUL! You will NOT regain command of your ship, as Captain of your life, by antagonizing the all powerful non-conscious mind. However, you can play and dialogue with it and it will be more than happy to take its place, as a trusted and loyal servant. It was its initial role until you abdicated your power.

Remember this dictum, uttered by Socrates, “An unexamined life is not worth living?” Let’s consciously examine our lives, regain control and make this beautiful planet a healthier place.

Are you hypnotized or living consciously? It will be the subject of our next blog in this series.


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