Preparing Our Body and Its Needs for Ageing

Preparing Our Body and It's Needs for Ageing by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Ageing

Looking ahead, I see the waves afar rising higher and higher until they come close enough and then they splash all the way down. This just seems like how we grow, full of vigour over the years, and then there is a slow and calming as we get older. We have to prepare for the slow and calm because they definitely will come no matter how active we have been. To prepare for these glorious calm years, which I look forward to, there are few things to deliberately put in place.

First, is the conditioning of the mind.

You are only as old as your mind for you can have a youthful body and yet an old mind or vice versa depending on what you choose. The mind is a powerful tool in which the body is bound to obey so while preparing for ageing its best to fill the mind with positivity and creativity. There are times when the mind needs calm and there are times it needs creativity. It’s important you determine when to employ each of these. Keeping the mind active through reading, hobbies like gardening, puzzles, and games can help you age much more slowly as this challenges the brain to be active, calculative, reducing chances of Alzheimer and other age-related health issues, while mindfulness and meditation keep you calm, more focused, and positive as you are able to see your ageing process through a different lens, knowing it’s a gift to age gracefully no matter the situation you find yourself in. if your mind is conditioned for the best towards ageing you will joyfully embrace the process.

Exercise cannot be overrated.

We all hear that we need to keep the body moving and active to enjoy sound health, reduce the chances of health issues such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and problems of imbalance which can result in falls and fractures. The body is made up of living cells and as long as we breathe and move, they are constantly replacing themselves after each cell dies. This is where exercise plays a massive role by stimulating new cell growth which in turn keeps the body systems and parts continuously functioning no matter the age. It’s your choice to make the process, slower or faster. However, to live a full life, and enjoy your ageing years, start a programmed exercise lifestyle, let it be yours so that it becomes a dedication and not some punishment inflicted on your body. Go slow, be more deliberate, and sustain it. You will discover that even though your body has changed over the years, you can still maintain good balance, carry out chores, and be full of strength and life.

How then can we omit diet?

Of course, we can’t! Why? Because what we eat, we become. So, if you wish to age nicely, you have to stop bad eating habits right away. Talking about eating habits depicts a lot of things due to culture, environment, people, self-image, availability, social class, and so on, but the truth is that there is always healthy stuff for everyone and there’s also the unhealthy food, what matters is the choices we make because only you have control over what you put in your body. Choose wisely, don’t overdo it, eat and drink moderately, keep your portion sizes reasonable according to your body’s needs. An ageing body tends to experience slower digestive functioning, intolerance to certain foods, as well as, diseases so keep this in mind because changes are sure to surface. If you choose large unhealthy portions, be sure to picture your ageing body in a large flabby size especially if you are redundant and have no genetic connection to obesity. My advice: be wise and seek help about food consumption if you have too. There is absolutely no shame in that. You can also keep a journal of your body’s reaction to the foods you eat to help you track your dietary pattern and health.

After talking about the serious stuff, I thought I’d just mention something as exciting as appearance. Now, this has a lot of branches, but I’d love to emphasize your dressing and attitude. Take a look at your wardrobe. I mean really look at it. What you wear may sometimes increase your ageing or slow it down, huh? How? Well, just my opinion: Some people appear a lot older even before they hit that number depicting them as seniors, your sense of style can help slow your looks for example, when you dress smartly you are more confident, having a better outlook on life leading to happiness which keeps the body releasing those lovely hormones that help it rejuvenate new cells thereby slowing your ageing. On the other hand, you don’t need to dress inappropriately like a teenager. That may only give you a bad outlook thereby leading to depression and withdrawal increasing the rate of ageing. Be smart!

And all those wrinkle fillers won’t work if your facial expressions are constantly on the grumpy side, take note. The important part of preparing for ageing isn’t piling up chemicals and unnecessary procedures on your skin. These might, in fact, speed up the process because you are interfering with the body’s natural repair system. Instead stick to the advice above, smile often, and stay out of any harsh weather or pollution in your surroundings.

I could go on and on, but I have got to stop here. Always remember, you are in charge of seeing and regulating your ageing process, just like the sea, the waves come slowly to the shore after a huge rise and slow fall.

You can indeed slow your ageing process when you attend to your body’s needs.

– Amanda

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