How to Publish A Wellness Book: Start Here

How to Publish A Wellness Book: Start Here by Lynda Goldman #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #StartHere

How to Publish A Wellness Book: Start Here by Lynda Goldman #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #StartHere

Have you finished writing your book or are you part-way through, and wondering… “Now what?”

Let’s face it, the BIG STEP of publishing can be a scary process when you’ve never done it before. It was for me when I first started. You see, I’d been published by 3 major publishing houses, and the publishers took care of the whole process. All I had to do was write the books, easy-peasy, right?

But, when I wrote a book that was outside of my publisher’s domain, I was alone.

This was in the early days of self-publishing when Amazon was a fledgling company, and you had to print books yourself and send them to Amazon. I had to figure out the whole publishing and printing process: find a cover designer, find a book formatter, and find a printer who specialized in books.

As you can guess, this cost me many thousands of dollars, because I had to print at least 1000 copies of my book to get the price of a single book down to under $5. (Don’t even ask me about the stacks of books gathering cobwebs under my bed.)

What Exactly is Publishing?

Now you may be asking, “What exactly is publishing, and is it the same as printing?”

Let’s clear the confusion. Publishing is the activity of making information available to the public. Traditionally, the term refers to distributing printed works such as books and newspapers.


Also refers to magazines, websites, blogs, and other content. Now that we have digital information systems and the Internet, publishing could be in written or audio form, on paper or on a tablet.


Printing is the physical act of putting words on paper. There are two types of printing: Offset (the traditional way), and POD, or print on demand, where you can print just the number of books you want. This has revolutionized printing and reduced costs for authors.


This means you become your own publisher. You create and develop the content and bring it to the world. People can “consume” it by reading your book on paper or on a device, or by listening to it in audio form.

You set up a publishing company and become a publisher, or “indie publisher.” You are responsible for gathering a team of professionals to help you: an editor, cover designer, and someone to format your book for digital and print.

This is crucial because every publishing house has a team of editors and designers. Never attempt to design your own cover unless you are a professional in this area. As a wellness provider, you need an expertly published book to establish trust with your reader, and gain credibility as the authority in your niche.

Finding A Publisher –

You may choose to approach one of the big publishing houses. A traditional publisher may be the route for some people, but it’s harder to get a publishing deal these days, and it can take a long time to get published.

Another option is to contact a small publishing company. But beware of companies on the internet that offer to publish your book; while some do offer a good service, many give you a shoddy product at an inflated price. You can learn to do many of the steps yourself, at a fraction of the cost, and have more professional results.

How to Publish Your Book: Start Here –

Amazon has revolutionized the publishing industry and made it so much easier to publish your book. However, there are still several steps involved in publishing a high-quality book.

You can’t just upload your finished draft and expect rave reviews and sales. If you don’t publish properly, you can easily ruin your professional reputation.

I’m announcing a free Masterclass, How to Publish Your Book: Start Here.

By attending this live, hands-on workshop, you’ll be able to:

  1. Prepare your book to publish professionally.
  2. Publisher or self-publish? Outline the best way to publish successfully NOW.
  3. Discover the truths, myths, and secrets of Amazon and NYT bestsellers, so you know what to pursue, and what to avoid.

And much, much more!

You’ll leave this class with a solid blueprint for getting your book published.

You’re invited to join! See you at the Masterclass!


– Lynda

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