Publishing A Wellness Book: 9 Things You Need to Know

Publishing A Wellness Book: 9 Things You Need to Know by Lynda Goldman #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Publishing

Publishing A Wellness Book: 9 Things You Need to Know by Lynda Goldman #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Publishing

Before Amazon, self-publishing was a rare “cult-like endeavor” that took a great deal of time and cost heaps of money.

Today, authors have it much easier but there are still a few things you need to know before you publish. The first 27 books I wrote were published by three major publishers. The publishing houses took care of the whole process from editing to printing to bookstore distribution. All I had to do was write the books. Ahhh, in some ways, that was the easier part!

But when I wrote a book that was outside of my publisher’s domain, I took on the scary entrepreneurial ride of self-publishing. I’ve now written 44 books, 13 of them self-published. At my recent launch, my book Write to Heal, was an international bestseller three 3 countries: US, Canada, and Australia.

Shared below are some of the lessons learned over the years, that will help you publish your own wellness book professionally and successfully.

Here Are 9 Things About Publishing A Wellness Book that You Should Know:

  1. Beware of book publishing companies.

These companies used to be called Vanity Presses, that offer to publish your book for a substantial fee. Some are reputable but many provide shoddy services. You can learn to publish your book on your own, more professionally, at a lower price.

  1. Marketing is your job.

Publishers are great to work with when your book is on their A list, that is, they know there is a market for your book. But if you’re an unknown writer, publishers don’t give you much marketing attention. Whether you get a publisher or self-publish, you still have to market your book on your own.

  1. Get professional editing.

No matter how good a writer you think you are, an editor can spot inconsistencies and a myriad of picky details that you’ll miss yourself. When you self-publish, you need to hire a professional writer.

  1. Proofread, proofread, proofread, but not on your own.

I always have my book professionally proofread, and then still find one or two typos when I go over it a final time. Typos make your book look unprofessional but know that even with the biggest publishers, a typo or two will still slip through.

Get your free roadmap to your book here: 7 Steps to Write Your Health and Wellness Book

  1. Covers sell books.

Several book “gurus” will tell you that a $5 book cover is just fine. It’s not if you want to establish your authority and credibility with your wellness book. Invest in a professional book cover with a cover designer (not just a graphic designer). Your cover design is selling your book. Don’t skimp here.

  1. Set a pub date (publication date) where you vow to have your book published.

When I worked with publishers, they always gave me a pub date. I had to deliver my manuscript on time. When YOU are the publisher, it’s too easy to put your book aside when “life” gets in the way. Your pub date is your promise to yourself, don’t break your promise!

  1. Have a back end to your book.

Writing and publishing a book takes great effort. If you want your book to build your business or practice, put links in your book. These can lead to people signing up for a free report on your website, which leads to other offerings, such as for individual or group help, coaching, or consulting. This is how most people make money from wellness, coaching, or self-help books.

  1. Learn everything you can before you embark on the entrepreneurial adventure of self-publishing.

It’s easy to waste money on the wrong things in self-publishing but even worse to NOT invest where it’s important to your book. An unprofessional book can ruin your reputation. Do it properly.

  1. Find your person.

Over most of my business life, I tried to do everything alone. I read voraciously on any topic I wanted to learn about, as well as searching the Internet, and buying any self-help product I could find. Most of it was a waste of time and money because these online products didn’t have a “person” who could guide me and answer questions.

When I found a coach, my business increased exponentially. Find the one person who can help you (I hope that’s me), and follow the process they’ve developed, that’s tried and true.

You’ll save yourself loads of frustration and tons of money in the long run, and get to your destination faster, your published book.

– Lynda

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