QOTD for March 20th by Estelle Bonaceto

QOTD for March 20th by Estelle Bonaceto #WUVIP #QOTD #QuoteOfTheDay

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for March 20th by Estelle Bonaceto.
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Here is her expanded thought …

Feeling inner distress in response to a person or situation can be overwhelming, which can lead to “recoil,” or a desire to shut out or shut down. While we would all like to avoid such discomfort, these situations are meant for us to reflect, learn and grow. Emotional reactions are always providing us valuable information about our personal truths.

Surface issues carrying triggers for strong emotional responses are often anchored to deeper issues left unattended. Sometimes, we react strongly because something feels threatening based on earlier experiences. To release that which holds us to fear-based responses, we must allow the feelings of the deeper root to rise and be experienced. This process does not need or require much cerebral work, but more of an allowing and intention to be free from emotional experiences that we’ve either failed to acknowledge or express. Through this allowing, one may make great strides with emotional healing and be better equipped to cope with new situations and emotional challenges that come our way.

Reflecting on our reactions helps us to gain a better understanding of who we are as individuals and why. For example, a person may exemplify certain qualities that lead us to feel shameful about ourselves, igniting an awareness about an aspect of self that we’d like to change. The universe has matched us impeccably to lead us to greater self-knowledge, learn lessons and to help us to heal and make changes. In this space of reflection, we have the opportunity to see ourselves, our situations and our choices more clearly.

That said, this is not all “rainbows and butterflies.”  The process of coming down from the reaction to a place of awareness, healing and acceptance is often hard earned. Feelings of shame are, at times, the catalyst for feelings of rage. When you are provoked, patiently and lovingly come back to your breath and do so as often as you must, to reduce inner distress. Trust that the universe is on your side, guiding you toward growth and fulfillment. On the other side of provocation lies liberation.

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