QUIZ: Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?

QUIZ: Are You A Highly Sensitive Person? by Cristina Smith #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Sensitive

QUIZ: Are You A Highly Sensitive Person? by Cristina Smith #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Sensitive

Do you often find yourself reacting to things you see or hear on the news?

Is it hard to get past your emotional response? Can a news flash ruin your day? In our chaotic world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the input and stimulus we are exposed to 24/7.

Some of us have adapted better than others by diving in and engaging this dynamic time in history and society. Others feel overwhelmed by the swirl of life and the impacts of the constant intensity.

Whatever level of adaptation we’ve adjusted to, we are all vulnerable to having an emotional response. Our deep sensitive natures can feel repressed, dismissed, ignored or unappreciated. Those deep natures can also rise up and feel altogether too much. Many are saying now, “I wish I wasn’t such a sensitive person. This all just hurts too deeply.”

For the highly sensitive person, this can be debilitating on many levels.

A highly sensitive person has acute physical, mental, and emotional responses to external (social, environmental) or internal (intra-personal) stimuli. They can be introverts, extroverts, or somewhere in between.

Sensitive people are some of the best candidates for energetic transformational and healing techniques. The receptive condition of the body responds quickly and positively to the proper application of subtle energy treatments, meditation and mindfulness practices.

Here’s a Quiz with A List of Indicators to Determine if You’re A Highly Sensitive Person:

  • Sensitives often choose caring or artistic professions such as a therapist, healer, teacher, full-time parent, doctor, musician, actor, nurse, social services provider, a human resources specialist, and manager.
  • Laundry detergents affect you. For example, rashes appear, especially on your inner thigh, and you can smell the residue on your clothes long after they are put away.
  • Perfume can drive you nuts. It is almost nauseating to walk through perfume counters in department stores. You can barely stand to be close to someone wearing a very strong scent. Most sensitives opt for essential oils or a rare perfume as an external scent
  • Diesel fumes can debilitate you.
  • Novocain seems to have a diminished effect during dental work. It just doesn’t seem to get you numb no matter how many shots you get.
  • You may have food allergies/sensitivities.
  • Prescription medicines are especially potent. You are either allergic to one or several of them and you find that you take less than the recommended dose because it affects you so strongly.
  • Vicarious violence affects you profoundly. You probably don’t go to horror movies and avoid ultra-violent action adventures.
  • People love to tell you all their problems, probably pretty soon after they meet you because you are so understanding.
  • You may find crowded settings overwhelming.
  • Your dreams are vivid.
  • You can almost feel what’s going on with someone else and respond accordingly even though nothing was said.
  • Your feelings get hurt often.
  • You take care of everyone else first and may forget to take care of yourself.
  • You have flashes of amazing insight.


If you checked off more than four of these indicators, you are a highly sensitive person.

If you checked all of these boxes, you need to be aware that you are an extremely sensitive person.

The trick to being a sensitive person in a progressively desensitized society is to know that you are one and work with yourself accordingly. It is particularly difficult for a manly man to discover he is a sensitive and integrate that into the cultural paradigm. Fortunately, there is a strong societal undercurrent that facilitates those of us who are on this different wavelength.

Besides buying unscented products and requesting acupuncture for dental pain relief, here are a couple of other tips that you may find useful:

  • Accommodate yourself with what you need without guilt. It’s okay to ask for help. Let your dentist and doctors know how you respond to medications.
  • You are not weird or alone. Many people are sensitive and work within that model daily. Once you identify yourself as a sensitive, you will find many avenues of support.
  • Learn how to take care of yourself. In order to take care of everyone else you want to, you have to take care of yourself first. Remember, the good of the whole includes you. It’s okay to walk away or call an Uber or Lyft.
  • Avoid treatments that push full-bore extremities. Healing crises are common for sensitives. Experiment with one half of the average person level of intensity and see how it works.
  • Give yourself permission to avoid things that you find toxic, whether movies, individuals, perfume counters or large crowds.
  • If you need to go into environments that you find difficult, do some prep and groundwork to make sure you have the support you need.
  • Take time for a break alone for at least five minutes twice daily.

The courage to know yourself as a sensitive and to treat yourself properly can make all the difference in your success in the world.

Remember the positive aspects of being a sensitive person. You are kind, loving and compassionate and people seek you out. You bring comfort just by being you. Your thoughtful approach to life inspires insight in others that they may desperately need. You are of service in a world that deeply needs your kindness, calm and compassion.

Another advantage of being sensitive is the ability to raise your vibration consciously and deliberately.

You benefit everyone in your environment. Take care of that wonderful you. The world needs its sensitives. And it needs others as well. We are part of a whole. A whole world. A whole planet. A whole being. The more we work together, utilizing and enjoying our own strengths, the better it will be. For all of us.

– Cristina

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