Raising Consciousness Part 2

Raising Consciousness Part 2 by Paul Quinton #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ConsciousnessPart2

Raising Consciousness Part 2: Expansion of Awareness — Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1!

Stop thinking linear, it doesn’t exist. Stop fearing what they tell you, it’s all a smoke screen.

When you look in your heart everything I’ve written here will feel right to you, this also goes for all information you read and hear about our planet, society, and our past/present dilemmas – always listen with your heart and discern what you take in. When you raise your vibration, their propaganda/subliminal messaging can’t affect you. The greatest way you are controlled is by thought forms placed in your Morphogenetic field and your lower 3 chakras being negatively stimulated. Don’t forget thoughts create emotions and emotions aren’t the same as Feelings of the heart.

Take responsibility when you are swayed by other’s opinions and belief systems.

Don’t look outside for someone to ‘Save you’ you have all the power and protection you need within and around you, that is universal in nature and will never leave you. Have you really asked yourself about your beliefs and if they are really yours?

Did you know that there are deliberate groups in ‘Real’ power? Their only purpose is to stimulate racism, that’s it’s all covertly organised to suit other agendas and cause a constant divide. When our universal mission in this time and space on earth now is to unite as “ONE.” As long as you stay in 3D thinking you will always be divided with opposing forces. You have to manage the pendulum and bring it back to centre in order to integrate your soul universal self into this dimension.

You want to look around for something to do, or a course, then study your universal truth which is the only place you will find real answers.

Academic intelligence won’t save you and you don’t take it with you. If you didn’t do well at school and have always thought of yourself as less, then know one thing, you chose to come in that way when you incarnated for the purpose of your soul in this time space. The homeless man on the street has the same intelligence and equality as a rocket scientist. Because the physical world is an ILLUSION, designed for you to play out your experiences, and if it didn’t ‘Feel Real’ then you wouldn’t have the ability to understand what you are experiencing.

We’re all the same – No One is Better than or Less than You.

The homeless man can quite easily incarnate in his next life as the rocket scientist (if that is what the soul desired to experience). Not to mention he is more than likely intelligent in another time and space, RIGHT NOW in another life, past lives are actually present lives just in another time-space. Multidimensionality is your truth; there is only the NOW! Don’t ever let anyone look down on you and be affected by it – people there is a way out of all the struggle, its simple – Surrender to your ‘Soul’s purpose’ for being here, and get out of your own way, because truthfully most people are in the dark and full of fear. Fear is a construct of the mind in truth, the heart knows no fear, it simply understands that you are stuck in the mind and it’s all part of the experience…

The paradigm is shifting and it’s better to be lucid than rigid.

If you hold onto the past, especially beliefs systems, this universal shift will be much harder because, in truth, you are holding onto a lie. A lot of what you believe to be real and truthful, even your own personal guide in life will be debunked by the truth, so always keep an open mind; this will help you integrate it mentally and emotionally. As the DNA in each person starts to activate the universal consciousness, you will realise the matrix you live in. At this point you will start to understand your truth, especially any illness or disease you may have; they both need an ‘emotional host’ to exist in the first place. Then you will understand that everything you have or has been done to you, you created yourself and no one else was responsible for it.

Imagine how that awareness right now could change the planet overnight. This then starts to break down the ego minds ‘Criticism and Judgement’ two of the most destructive forces within our experience. If you knew how destructive it was and the energy created through those thoughts moreover what it actually does, you would be horrified with yourself.

Take responsibility today for your thoughts and belief systems you place on others.

Stop resisting the inevitable changes that are going on, you can’t stop or blindly walk around in ignorance anymore – this time has been predicted and written about for over a millennium, through every culture, empire and ancient civilisation. Stop resisting the tied!

You are the creator of your own reality and there is an infinite abundance of money, health, healing, soul mates, whatever you need. You just need to learn how to tap into it and draw to you without effort.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series next week!

– Paul

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