Raising Consciousness Part 4

Raising Consciousness Part 4 by Paul Quinton #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ConsciousnessPart4

Raising Consciousness Part 4 by Paul Quinton #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ConsciousnessPart4

Raising Consciousness Part 4: Discernment — Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last weeks Part 3!

When we have discernment, we are primarily being responsible for our “Soul’s” experience.

The more we can fine tune this exceptional gift, the quicker our life becomes lighter and more fun. The problem with our society is that we are head/belief driven, which doesn’t give much scope for “feeling” our experiences. When we look at life through our soul’s eyes, we see a very different picture and the feeling it gives is inspiring. You basically can’t miss the point as it feels very different from the emotional responses you have towards experiences and people.

You may have experienced times in your life where you had to make a choice or get an answer to something and the first thought or idea that came was from the soul, but then the head gets in the way and starts causing a divide. This then leaves you with more options to be confused about. When you aren’t overthinking and daydreaming, you are in a lucid state of universal receptivity, which bypasses the conscious mind giving us access to a much greater awareness.

It’s a very good idea to understand the brain waves and learn some meditations that will activate the different ones.

For example, we are in “Beta” state right now; your day to day communication with others. Then you have “Delta” wave, and this is your sleep state. Next is the “Alpha” wave, or also known as the daydream state, which is great for intuition and hearing messages from guides or from your own intuition. Then you have the powerful wave “Theta.” There are different levels of Theta. You can have deep Theta which is on the borderline of Delta, however, it’s hard to stay in this state because most people fall asleep. Theta is great because it opens you up to the universal mind, your soul, and even spirit (the unseen world). It’s also widely used in hypnosis. While in this state you are susceptible to suggestions and reprogramming, so be careful if you are doing this on your own because it’s very powerful.

When you can finally fine tune this innate ability, you can see danger before it even enters your arena. More importantly, you can warn yourself or others of these dangers with plenty of time. It will also protect you from others trying to take from you on any level. This is simply because you’re projecting a “Back off, I own my power” energetic sign. It’s like their projected energy is repelled off of you like a good old bug spray. This is how basic energy works. We are all energetic, moreover, connected to the universal force by cords of energy. For those of you that have the ability to see energy, you can look at everyone’s heads and see the cords and columns. Much like an energetic umbilical cord, feeding you straight from the universal mind. It is quite a spectacle.

Discernment must be mastered so you have complete autonomy over your power and energy.

It’s interesting to see when people take back their power because of the domino effect it has on others all around them. Not to mention, the end of certain cycles that people could have been trapped in for many years, or even lifetimes. Feeling is non-judgmental, and to be honest, it’s the only way forward adapt and integrate this next level of being. The mental arena is starting to close, and the more people try to operate from this place the more confusion, depression, and agitation it creates.

The mind is a tool, and its gift is imagination. The soul’s language is Metaphor, Archetype, and Symbolism. The mind is an operating tool for the soul to project through, so you, the human aspect of your being, knows what to do in life, etc. The soul doesn’t use the spoken word which is why our advanced ancient races use hieroglyphs, symbols, and sacred geometry. Let’s not forget to mention our indigenous tribes that only have a handful of words because they project images into each other, so everyone communicates at this higher level. As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

When you operate with integrity, empowerment, and discernment, your vibration draws you to all that you need in life, without an effort. This is because you are no longer “mentally struggling,” and you have surrendered to the more intelligent part of yourself, your Soul.

Stay tuned for Part 5 of this series next week!

– Paul

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