Raising Consciousness Part 5

Raising Consciousness Part 5 by Paul Quinton #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ConsciousnessPart5

Raising Consciousness Part 5 by Paul Quinton #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ConsciousnessPart5

Raising Consciousness Part 5: Inadequacy — Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 4!

Inadequacy comes from the belief system that we are less than.

Lifetime after lifetime, we are all programmed with this, until it becomes its own entity; it has now wrapped itself around the soul on a mass level. It drives us to perfection, which stops us from being in alignment with our Soul and taking the right step, every step.

However, it’s a beautiful entity as it’s showing us where we have judged ourselves harshly and believed in the opinions of others. This is what creates inadequacy: comparing ourselves to others, believing the judgments of others about ourselves. Like everything in our existence, negativity has its place and is our biggest teacher, so it’s here to help us surrender to the beautiful golden light that is our “Soul.”

When inadequacy drives us to perfection, it takes us out of our heart.

Humanity is stuck in the emotional body, but we all try to change and suppress it with drugs, surgery and the like, but this doesn’t work. It never has and never will. You must first love the inadequacy within you, so it can truly be felt and released. Humans don’t have anything to believe in anymore. Even in our world wars, we had more conviction. We have lost our need to go within and to believe in something more than ourselves. Not many people really question why we are here.

If people have the pattern of inadequacy, then they have the pattern of depression.

It’s a new form of low-grade depression across most of the planet, but people won’t call it that, although they know something is wrong. Depression is the lack of joy and spontaneity and it’s a disconnection from intuition and the Soul. If people were honest and put their hand up and said that they have don’t have any joy and spontaneity or don’t know how to feel their intuition, the energy of the planet would change. This is because you are now owning it and not projecting it negatively, which many people do to feel better about themselves.

It’s been so powerful on our planet that it’s created false paths to walk in life and it’s created expectations to be a certain way. Deep down, we have always felt many things were wrong about our choices, but this is the programming of our society. Many priests and politicians have done their job well over the 1000’s of years and have planted these seeds within our consciousness; that we are less than and born in sin.

These people don’t have a life force running through their bodies which is causing the depression, and the inadequacy is coming to the surface on a global scale.

Some people don’t even know it’s coming up within them. They are just hanging on and at a tipping point. As a healer, and having the ability to provide the transformation people seek, my work is to peel back the layers. Nothing new is put into anyone, it’s simply an “un-conditioning,” and I assist with the transference of the un-conditioning.

How can you have joy and Spontaneity if you have been conditioned to believe that it’s impossible? That is the reason why children display joy and Spontaneity because they haven’t had the conditioning yet.

As I said earlier, the religious orders planted this seed long ago, and for lifetimes, this belief has been augmented which has caused an energetic force field around the Soul (inadequacy). This then makes it even more difficult for people to feel their truth and live authentically.

It’s the solar plexus chakra that supports the 3rd eye (intuition), so if the visions of the soul (which come from the solar plexus and its inspiration) are blocked through inadequacy, then the 3rd eye can’t see and imprint the mind with right action. This then leads to people being “stuck in their head,” because without the inner awareness, you are always at the whim of old belief systems; your parent’s beliefs, antiquated parochial ideas, a societal structure that doesn’t empower etc.

Once inadequacy is transmuted, your drive for perfection will wither because you are already perfect!

It’s the belief in inadequacy that’s the problem, not inadequacy itself, as it’s here to show us what’s between you and your Soul’s fullest potential. Understand that at the very heart of transformation is love and understanding. So, for anything in your life that is not working for you or you don’t like about yourself, you must sit with it, give it gratitude, love, and understanding, and also appreciate it. Because without it, you wouldn’t know what to work on within yourself.

Don’t believe in what other people say about you because it’s the inadequacy of everyone. It’s everyone trying to make themselves feel better in comparison to other beings and it’s an epidemic.

You are Love, you are Light, and you are a Universal blessing. A spiritual being having a physical experience.

Don’t ever forget that.

– Paul

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