Recipe for Good Health Tea

Good Health Tea by Leslie Sommers #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Tea

Good Health Tea by Leslie Sommers #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Tea

The myth that cold weather causes colds has long been debunked, but then why do we catch colds more in the winter? The theory… and a pretty sound one, is that we’re indoors more with the windows closed and the heat on, making for just the right conditions for viruses to stick around and multiply. I say “viruses”, because there are more than one that cause the “common” cold. In fact there are many, which is probably why just when you think you’re over one cold you may get another.

I have to say, I’m not a medical professional in any way shape or form, and would never diagnosis or treat another, but I can share a little common sense and also what has worked for me. First, it’s important to remember that your first defense is a good immune system. If you eat right, exercise, practice self-care through methods like meditation, yoga, and of course, Reiki, then you’re less likely to catch a cold in the first place. You must also be mindful of germs and remember to wash your hands. This is why kids are infamous for bringing germs home with them. One kid sneezes another shares his pencil, they go to lunch…well you get the idea. Wash those hands!

Okay, so now I’m looking around for some wood and knocking loudly, when I say I can’t remember the last time I had a cold! I do try to eat right, get some form of exercise in (although I can use more work in that department!), and more recently I started yoga. And of course, I meditate and use Reiki often. In addition to that, I make my “good health tea”. It’s my go to tea for all that ails me. It’s the tea my family asks me to make them when they’re feeling under the weather, and it’s the tea that their friends and my own will ask me to make as well.

So, allow me now to share the recipe, in hopes it will help you too!

  • ½ tsp (ground) organic Turmeric or a tsp of fresh grated
  • ½ tsp (ground) organic Ginger or one tsp of fresh grated
  • ½ tsp (ground) organic Garlic or one freshly crushed clove
  • ½ tsp (ground) organic Thyme
  • ½ tsp (ground) organic Cayenne
  • ½ tsp (ground) organic Cinnamon
  • ¼ cup (organic/unfiltered) Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 tbs organic Honey (or to taste)
  • 2 cups boiled filtered or spring water (preferably by stove, not microwave)

All measurements are approximate and to taste. Combine all ingredients and sip throughout the day.

If you don’t want to make a fresh cup each time, you can make a concentrated batch and store in the refrigerator for up to 4 or 5 days. Just multiply the ingredients a few times (minus the water) and throw them into a blender. Then just add a tablespoon or two of concentrated ingredients to a cup of boiling water. Make it stronger or weaker to taste and sip away!

And, if you’re wondering why I chose these ingredients in particular for the Good Health Tea, here are some of the claimed benefits of each:

Turmeric – anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiseptic, analgesic, prevents cancer, heals wounds, improves digestion, blood purifier, improves asthma, relieves coughs, lowers cholesterol, improves skin conditions, flatulence, jaundice, menstrual difficulties, bloody urine, hemorrhage, toothache, bruises, chest pain, and colic. Slows progression of Alzheimer’s and MS, etc.

Ginger – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, relieves gastrointestinal distress. Relieves arthritis, kills cancer cells. Immune booster.

Garlic – antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, good for heart & blood pressure, also a cancer preventative.

Thyme – antioxidant protects cell membranes. Good for chest and respiratory problems including coughs, bronchitis, and chest congestion.

Cayenne – anti-inflammatory, immunity booster, pain reliever, cardiovascular benefits, reduces blood cholesterol, helps prevent ulcers. Opens/drains nasal passages.

Cinnamon – anti-clotting, anti-microbial, blood sugar control. Fights bacteria, fungus, and yeast. Controls blood sugar and diabetes. The scent boosts brain activity.

Apple Cider Vinegar (organic/unfiltered) – cures hiccups, stomach issues (diarrhea, indigestion), clears stuffy nose, soothes sore throat, reduces swelling (used internally & externally), increases energy, relieves nighttime leg cramps, reduces bad breath, fights yeast infections, kills foot fungus, controls blood sugars, lowers blood cholesterol, aids in weight loss, skin toner, sunburn remedy, etc.

Honey – anti-microbial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, prevents cancer, heart disease, coughs, colds, weight loss aid, arthritis, inflammation, diarrhea, cuts, burns, energy booster, hair loss etc.

Not a bad collection of health benefits, and no prescription needed! Make yourself a batch and at the first inkling that you’re starting to feel a little off, start drinking it. Of course, you can always drink it as a preventative too. Just be sure to check with your health care professional or pharmacist if you’re on any medications that might be affected by any of the ingredients listed. Wishing you good health always!