Reiki: A Natural Remedy for Inner Peace

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There is a belief going around that a person needs to be in a stage of enlightenment equal to the Buddha or Dalai Lama to achieve inner peace.

Maybe, at some point in time, this was true, but now humanity is in a stage of development that focuses more on leading a stress-free life, which is its own level of inner peace. This has led to each person searching for something different, something outside the routine of living in this material world. There is an increase in people looking to advance spiritually instead of materially. The days of working until your body is sore and your mind is weak are becoming obsolete. This new state of humanity is embracing a mindset that intermingles connecting to his, her, or their fellow beings and respecting nature and the gifts it offers all of us. We are acknowledging that we are more than the physical bodies and as such need more than the material things placed before us to be happy and feel complete. We are realizing that we are all connected by a universal energy that is both conscious and good. This conscious energy is the natural remedy for us to attain inner peace in our everyday situations.

One method to experience inner peace is Reiki (pronounced ray-key).

Reiki is a Japanese technique which channels universal energy to another person or even a situation in order to reduce stress, increase relaxation, promote healing, and so much more. Reiki can never harm and can only do good for those who allow it to assist in life. As a Reiki Master, I feel obligated to insert my disclaimer here that I am absolutely biased, but I am also absolutely confident that Reiki will help anyone who desires to achieve inner peace to do so naturally and progressively. To be more specific about Reiki, Rei means “spiritual wisdom” and ki means “life energy.” Therefore, Reiki is properly defined as a spiritually guided life force energy. If one thinks about this meaning, what better way to achieve inner peace than to allow a spiritually guided life force energy to aid you on the path to connect with your higher self?

The benefit of Reiki is that a person may use conscious energy to seek out negativity or imbalance within themselves and return it back to the universe. Let us understand that negative energy or an imbalance comes in a variety of forms. For instance, if a person has a physical ailment or life experience that has caused feelings of unworthiness, pain, fear, or any other negative emotion or thought pattern, this leads to a struggle between the spiritual body and the physical body that may cause a rift or disconnect. If this happens, then the mind, heart, and spirit are no longer functioning on the same vibration. This imbalance can affect the perception of that person’s interactions in life leading to actions that may cause strife where none should exist. We all send out energy to one another and to the universe. If the energy we send out is saying that we are not comfortable in our physical form, that we are unhappy with who and what we are, then we are calling out to negative energies to come into our lives to support these feelings.

This moves us further from achieving inner peace.

However, Reiki helps to seek out negative emotions and bring them to the forefront by allowing the person to re-experience situations or removing pain altogether. By experiencing a cleansing with Reiki, a person is healing by accepting every part of their being and the experiences that led the person to where they are in life. This acceptance allows the person to release their negative emotions, experiences, and thought patterns in order to reconnect in a positive manner with the spiritual body. This connection plays a significant part in achieving and maintaining inner peace. Some people have heard the phrase that “your spirit will never lie to you.” The reason why is because it is part of the universal energy that wants the highest good for each individual having an experience in this physical world.

The spirit wants the body to be in a state of inner peace and happiness because once achieved, the perception and life of that person change for the better.

By aiming for inner peace, each person may fully understand what role they play in this universe, as well as, the connections between us all. Reiki works in each person differently since we are all unique, but it works as long as the person allows it to begin the healing process so that the connection and elevation of vibration lead the person to inner peace in this physical realm.


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