Reiki and Relationships

Reiki and Relationships by Heather Corinne Lang #WUVIP #Relationships #TheWellnessUniverse
In our lives, we have many types of relationships.

We have a relationship with our self, our friends, family and more. We are always exchanging energies with each other in these relationships. These energies create connections, or karmic bands, between our souls. We carry bands from our past relationships and lifetimes as energy.

The relationships may be helpful or they may be troubling and difficult. Either way, we are meant to learn from them. It can be challenging for us to face the issues, due to the fear of feeling the hurts and pains all over again. Or we may be afraid of confronting others, as we may believe they will react negatively creating more problems. This can be particularly difficult with family members.

Relationships begin in the womb, with our biological mother, which creates a karmic band. We also have one with our biological father, as his energy is within us as well. Over time, these bands can strengthen, change and create either positive energy or negative energy. This energy is our beliefs about ourselves. If negative issues are not dealt with, they will continue to follow us. They may eventually manifest as physical issues such as injuries, illness or dis-ease. They can show up in new challenging relationships.

Any promises, contracts, and oaths with others also create karmic bands. Some of these are from the past and past lives could have been forced upon us, yet they are still there and can be interfering in some fashion with our current life. Examples include marriage contracts, promises made to others, vows of silence or of celibacy. These bands can be interfering in our current relationships. Karmic band energy work can help you heal and release these bands to love yourself and create more fulfilling, intimate and loving relationships.

When the relationships are difficult, challenging and painful in some way, we may shy away from working on the issue we need to learn from it so we can heal within us. We may ignore it. We may think we are strong, and carry them, thinking we deserve it somehow and are not worthy of healthy relationships or something else. Carrying these burdens is not what is intended for our souls. We came here to learn, heal and transform from all past issues in this lifetime and prior ones. We are meant to experience unconditional Love, Joy, Harmony and more.

By using Reiki with Karmic Band Energy work, we can face any fears, issues, problems, pains and hurts in a safe space. We can deal with it once and for all. We may still remember the lesson or pain, yet, we will no longer need to feel it, hide from it or fear it. It becomes wisdom as we continue to live. It will no longer interfere in our lives, allowing more abundance to flow to us in areas previously affected.

Reiki masters can intend, or “send” energy into these karmic bands for a variety of reasons, including helping you heal the issue. The energy being sent can soften or lessen the emotions so they may not be as dramatic or traumatic for you to recall. At times, bands are removed while the energy keeps you from feeling it at all or to help block the reason completely; if it may just be too much for you to handle. Spirit knows best, as do your angels and guides. The energy always knows what is best, and the Reiki Master reads the energy, which is from the very wise and all-knowing Divine.

If the band has been balanced, when the person is ready, the karmic band can even be completely removed. Again, we will still have the memory of it, but it will no longer affect us in our current life, our future or future lives since it’s been healed and removed. It will no longer cause emotional dis-stress, pain, and other problems as we continue on our life journeys. It actually releases us to experience beautiful and positive new situations, people and places without the issue or fear.

Remember, many of us are afraid of facing these issues within ourselves. Yet the fear is worse than the actual issue. And once addressed, healed and released, you will be lighter, happier and more peaceful. Karmic band work, if you are ready, is truly transformative. I’d be honored to assist you to transform and “Awaken a more brilliant version of you™”.


– Heather

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