What Reiki Is and Isn\’t

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There are a lot of confusing discussions around what Reiki is and isn’t.

I believe the confusion lies in the fact that anyone and everyone can practice Reiki. The difference is in the strength and manner in which the energy works with a person. People may believe that if everyone can do it, then it isn’t special. Well, everyone can do it and it is still special because not everyone will do it. There is a certain kind of person who is willing to face their fears, weaknesses, bad habits, and dark side in order to cleanse for Reiki.

If you didn’t understand what I just wrote, then let me be clear, Reiki works with everyone, you do not have to be a priest, pastor, or guru to channel energy. However, you have to be of clean spirit, mind, and flesh. This means that you are not going to think negative thoughts or have drugs or alcohol in your body and still channel energy. Reiki will not work if there are negative thoughts and an impure spirit trying to control it. The Universe will not allow that to happen. It just doesn’t work that way.

With the above, one should know that Reiki isn’t a religion.

So, a person isn’t negating or disrespecting his or her own religious beliefs when learning about Reiki or having a session. Reiki is more of a spiritual path that people take in conjunction with their religious beliefs. It is acknowledging that we are all connected with each other and the flow of energy that is both creation and Creator. When a person channels this energy, the person is allowing natural healing from the Universe to flow through their aura, spirit, and physical frame to the other person’s aura, spirit, and physical frame. And, yes, there is touching, but it is not necessary for the healing to work.

Some people believe that the healing result of Reiki is a big con job or placebo or even witchcraft.

Not true. There are studies to show that Reiki works on the biomagnetic field of the person. We are all composed of energy and since Reiki is a knowing energy, it makes sense that it would have an effect on the physical frame. It works for the betterment of a person, never doing harm, and incapable of hurting anyone. Think about the fact that we are connected by universal energy, so if a person has a high enough vibrational level, then that person can be attuned to the energy and pass it through to help others. More and more studies are being conducted to show how Reiki taps into the energetic field to heal the energy body and in turn the physical body.

If someone goes into a session with an open mind believing that Reiki will be of benefit, then it will.

It is the same as preparing for a medical visit. A person should mentally align with good thoughts because if not, then Reiki will not intercede and the potential benefits will remain in the universe instead of integrating within the energy body of the person. There is also research to show that Reiki is a successful complementary therapy when persons are going through cancer or recovering from surgeries. People are still conducting studies to try to prove or disprove the effects of Reiki, but so far, those experiencing it have had positive results. To date, more and more hospitals are integrating it into their healthcare model. No harm is ever done with Reiki. There is a comforting thought for those with doubts; if hospitals and medical professionals are using Reiki in their practice, then there must be some benefits for the person.

There is a mind shift occurring where people are beginning to see that holistic isn’t just herbs or all-natural pills. It’s truly the building of a strong connection among the mind, body, and spirit to be completely healthy. Reiki is not just a one-time occurrence or experience. A person does not only have one session and then every problem or issue in their entire life cleared up. It is a way to live life in a manner that elevates a person to a higher understanding of not only their life and who they truly are, but also humanity in general and how society can be when at its best.

Hopefully one day, everyone will experience the effect of Reiki at its fullest and know what Reiki really is and isn’t.

 – LaTanya

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