Reiki: A Natural Remedy for Aches and Pains

Reiki to treat aches and pains

If you are looking for a natural way to manage your aches, pains and even inflammation, Reiki is definitely one natural modality that has shown beneficial results.

The body has the capability to heal itself but not if it is in a state of trauma, shock or in a state of exhaustion. Reiki is a natural energy healing system which puts the body in a relaxed state so that it can heal itself. Reiki is a non -invasive treatment in which healing energy is channeled from the practitioner to the patient to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain, and fatigue.  It works by opening up a channel between the healer and patient to transfer energy; the practitioner takes Universal energy and transfers it to the patient increasing the flow of energy in the body.

Aches and pains occur and persist when there is stagnant energy or ‘chi’ in the body.

We all have a particular tender spot in the body where we feel the stress, for some it is the shoulders and for many it is the back. Whenever the person goes through any physical, mental or emotional stress, the stagnant energy gets stored in the weak or tender area making it painful and achy. Reiki helps in the circulation of the energy and thus relieving one from aches and pains.

It is believed by the practitioners that reiki works on the ‘biofield’ of a person. Biofield means an energy field surrounding the body of a person which, if damaged, causes health issues. There are also energy centers and pathways in the body and if the energy is moving and circulating properly, a person remains healthy. Reiki helps proper circulation of energy and removal of toxins from the body, thus, helping in pain management and reducing inflammation as well. I have had many clients who have been able to manage their chronic pain with Reiki and continue to do so.

Reiki is now being used in many medical settings and many patients have benefitted from regular Reiki sessions.

One of the issues of the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine reviewed 66 clinical trials on biofield therapies. The authors of the review concluded that there was strong evidence that biofield therapies help reduce the intensity of pain in general and moderate evidence that these therapies help reduce the intensity of pain for people who are hospitalized or who have cancer.

Another separate review article of 24 studies also showed that touch therapies were successful in reducing pain. This review article noted that the studies involving Reiki therapy seemed to have the most success.

When Reiki is examined for its impact on more specific types of pain, the results seem to hold up equally well.

“Recent studies on Reiki therapy reflect a broad spectrum of its benefit for pain relief,” said one of the practitioners working in a hospital setting. “During a colonoscopy, Reiki treatment resulted in decreased anxiety and pain. With abdominal hysterectomies, the women who had Reiki therapy both before and after their procedures experienced lower anxiety and pain. Cancer patients being treated with Reiki reported lower fatigue, less pain, less anxiety, and better quality of life. And in a community of older adults, those who received Reiki therapy were documented to have reduced pain, anxiety, and depression.”

The article above clearly and simply explained the benefits of Reiki. In addition to that, Reiki is all natural and does not have any side effects like pain medications. This modality and healing system has been around for ages. Consult a reiki practitioner near you to experience the benefits for yourself!

Have you experienced a Reiki session to treat aches and pains? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below!

– Monica

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