Release Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals Part 2

Release Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals Part 2 by Alessandrina Dorer #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #GoalsPart2

Release Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals Part 2 by Alessandrina Dorer #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #GoalsPart2

In Release Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals Part 2, Alessandrina Dorer shares more empowering reasons to release fear to achieve your goals and live a life of purpose! Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1!

… continued from Part 1 

Ways we try to escape fear and how we create limitations on our freedom and happiness.

What do we do to fix it? We try to mold the world around us through our beliefs and expectations in an attempt to not feel the pain. Of course, that doesn’t work because the world, life, and the people who live in it have their own set of beliefs and expectations that they’re operating from, and so we come into conflict with each other, life, and the world, over and over again. Every time an experience presents itself to us, we compare it to all our recordings and fears. Does it pass the test? Are we safe? Will this bring us pain? If it does, we sigh in relief and feel good. If it doesn’t, down the rabbit hole we go! That’s no way of living life!

You don’t need fear to motivate you and achieve your goals.

We don’t need to limit our lives in this way. We don’t need to constantly replay our fears on the screen of our minds in order to make sure that we won’t feel pain again. We don’t need fear!!! Let this fact sink deep into your subconscious mind: FEAR IS NOT REAL, it’s all in our minds! And yet it feels so real, you might say. Still, that doesn’t make it real. The reason why fear feels so real is simply that the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between an imagined reality and what is actually happening and so the body reacts to any projection of the mind as if it was real. It doesn’t know the difference between sensory stimuli created externally and that created by imagination. That’s the power of imagination!

Now imagine what you can do with the power of your imagination once you stop wasting it on fear. You can build the relationship and life that you want. You and your partner can become co-creators of your relationships and lives. Where’s the limit? There is none, other than fear. Do you really think you need to fear coming face to face with a bear for the rest of your life? What are the odds of that happening? So low, that it’s statistically irrelevant. And if you did come face to face with a bear, guess what, you would instinctively know what to do. You don’t need fear to be wise, discerning, self-aware, intelligent, loving, forgiving, accepting, kind, and all the qualities that allow you to navigate your relationship and life consciously and to get the results that you want! You don’t need to fear ‘coming face to face with a bear’ your whole life and waste your energy, time, and efforts away from your intentions and goals!

How fear will attract to you what you don’t want.

Think deeply about the implications of continuously fearing something that might never happen for the rest of your life. Guess what, it might actually end up happening. Call it the law of attraction or doom your mind is a powerful tool. Our fears have the capacity to create beliefs that tend to become reality because we react to life as if our beliefs were actually true, valid, and real, and thus we make interpretations and decisions from them. You don’t need to create beliefs born out of fears that are going to derail you from achieving your goals in your relationships and life.

The emotion of fear distorts objective reality.

Fear paralyzes us into inaction. Fear triggers us into a spiral of negativity that undermines the quality of our lives and results. Fear is never real. Fear is never true. And fear is never useful. When you’re in fear, you’re blinded by your emotions. You can’t see clearly. Everything is ‘infected’ by the lens of fear through which we look at the world. So, if the bear you’re fearing is just a projection of your mind onto your imagination, what do you do about it? How do you know it’s not real? How do you trust that it’s not really happening? And what do you do instead?

Freedom from fear is possible for everyone.

You shift into a state of complete faith and surrender. You pay attention to what is happening and to your own process of thought, belief, and fear. You focus on your intentions and make choices based on those intentions, not your mental projections. You stay in your heart, unconditionally loving yourself and your partner, no matter what’s going on. You choose to release fears because they’re not real and they’re certainly not serving you. You question all your beliefs about yourself, your partner, your relationship, and you release those too. Living through beliefs is not living at all. All strategies of control (beliefs, expectations, judgments) are ultimately a waste of your time and energy and reduce the quality of your life and intentions. If you need someone to hold your hand, guide you, encourage you and show you the possibilities when you step out of fear, reach out to us.

Release your fears and achieve your goals.

Releasing fear at the root is the essence of what we teach, and how we help individuals and couples ultimately resolve all their relationship problems and achieve their goals. We’ve created an 8-week program, that will allow you to release your fears, negative thoughts, emotions, feelings, and limiting beliefs, and propel you forward so that you can achieve your relationship and life goals. You don’t have to live in fear for one moment more you can be free and start truly living! You can be free of your negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings and start living a life of purpose, joy, love, deep fulfillment, creativity, and abundance. That’s our hope and intentions for you. Your life matters. Your happiness matters. Your fulfillment in life matters.


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