Releasing 2017: Embrace the Authentic You in 2018

Releasing 2017: Embrace the Authentic You in 2018 by Moira Hutchison #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AuthenticYou

Releasing 2017: Embrace the Authentic You in 2018 by Moira Hutchison #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AuthenticYou

As we look at releasing and letting go of 2017 so that we can thrive and be all that we can in 2018, it\’s important to create the space to take action mindfully, in the right way for us.

Letting go can be difficult. Letting go of people, ideas, expectations, desires, letting go of things we did not accomplish, false beliefs, unhealthy ideals, and the list goes on.

Every day, every moment presents an opportunity to create ourselves anew, to shrug off the baggage of the past, open ourselves up to the possibility of the moment and take action to create an incredible future.

Although we can understand this intellectually, knowing it and living it are two very different things.

Here are some ideas for letting go of 2017 in order to get going in 2018:

  • Meditate.

Find stillness, breathe. Meditation is action. Our mind is much harder to calm than our body. Our lives are busy and fast-paced, filled with external noise and distractions. Clarity comes from quiet. Meditation, even in small amounts, will make room for the next steps.

  • Understand.

Take time to reflect on your experience in 2017 as a compassionate observer looking in without judgment: simply observe. Understand that you are not your past. Understand that the situations and patterns and people in your life created your experiences, they didn’t create you. Knowing and understanding your past and some of your patterns will help you to recognize why you hold on and repeat self-destructive behaviours. Understanding creates awareness; awareness helps you break the cycle.

  • Accept.

Accept your history in 2017 and the people that have been a part of your story this year; accept your circumstances and remember that none of these define you. Acceptance is a vital step in letting go and setting yourself free.

  • Empty your cup.

Consciously and actively work at letting go of your story, your judgments and ideals, the material things, all your stuff. They have no real value. They do not strengthen you, nor do they make you healthier or more powerful, and belief in them is a delusion. Pour out your expectations of how, who, where, and what you should be as they, too, are part of a story that holds you back from simply being. Once you let go of this story and empty your cup, your life purpose will open up and flow.

BE the Authentic YOU in 2018

Authenticity is one of my favorite words. There aren\’t enough adjectives in the world to describe how inspiring I think it is when you see someone truly being their Authentic Self!

These people just kind of sparkle and being near their realness is rather energizing and inspiring. We have all struggled with how to handle peer pressure, social media ideals and societies standards regarding everything from marriage, weight, children, where we live, how we live, blah, blah blah.

Let\’s stop all of the “image management.”

It\’s exhausting, stressful and the exact opposite of authenticity. I have been there and let me assure you that trying so very hard to be liked, loved, forgiven, accepted, etc. when you are not involved in authentic relationships, only leads to discouragement and depletion of self.

So, how can you embrace the Authentic You in 2018? Here are some ideas for you to start out with:

  1. Make Lists.

What you love about yourself, who do you love to spend time with and what brings you passion and joy? Once it is all written down breathe and be that person you just wrote about.

  1. Ignore the Naysayers.

This is an important factor in being true to yourself. If there is a ripple effect of negativity as you make positive changes, this is OK. I know it is a wee bit uncomfortable but being YOU is much savvier than creating an image so others are satisfied.

  1. Align Your Heart with Your Steps.

Which direction are your feet walking? Are they walking towards what you are passionate about in your heart? They should be!

  1. Accept Yourself.

Figure out who you are and when you do, accept yourself with unconditional, loving arms. Do not waste another second comparing yourself to others or concerning yourself with what others think. It truly does not matter unless you want it to. You get to decide.

  1. Let go of the past, it\’s over.

Let go of others expectations and of your worry about the future. Just be. Simply being in the moment and showing up as your true self is beyond awesomeness, loveliness, empowerment, and an honor.

I wish you an empowered and inspired 2018 where you can be proud to embrace the authentic YOU!

We live in very exciting times and YOU truly have the power to be all that you intended to be from a soul level.

– Moira

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