Releasing the Myth of Gender-Based Gemstones

Releasing the Myth of Gender-Based Gemstones by Amy Cousin #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #GenderBased #Gemstones
Releasing the Myth of Gender-Based Gemstones by Amy Cousin #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #GenderBased #Gemstones
Here’s a trend I’ve noticed this year: gender-based gemstone energy.

Most of the custom gemstone jewelry I’ve created for women has focused on helping them tap into what we call their masculine side. And many of my male customers have sought my gemstone advice to not only connect with their feminine side, but to also open their hearts and minds to the issues that are being voiced by women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people.

But without fail, when I suggest a stone to either gender, the first response is, “but I thought that stone was only for men or for women.”

I think it’s time to release ourselves from these self-imposed restrictions and find out how a “girly” or “manly” stone can enhance all of our lives!

Here are a few gemstones that have the myth of being gender-based to get us started:

  1. Moonstone

Moonstone is highly regarded as The Goddess Stone, connecting the cycles of the moon with women’s menstrual and fertility cycles, and emotions as we tap into our feminine power. In general, Moonstone is considered a stone of self-discovery, intuition, and insight. We women are in touch with our feminine side, particularly when it comes to intuition, cycles, nurturing, and emotions. At least we admit that they exist and are essential aspects of our beings. When men wear or use Moonstone it can help them connect with their own rhythms or cycles and tap into their intuitive abilities.

  1. Sunstone

You might be surprised to learn that this sparkly, shimmering beauty of a gem is considered a masculine-energy stone. Yep, Sunstone is associated with the sun god Ra, bringing forth leadership, strength, personal power, and freedom. These are some of the “masculine” energies that the women I work with want to hone-in order to achieve their desires and goals. Sunstone is also considered a stone of enlightened male energy, and my male clients use that aspect to lift heavy moods with positive thoughts.

  1. Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite or Calcite inclusions

Lapis Lazuli’s beautiful blues usually contain inclusions of white Calcite or gold-flecked Pyrite, depending on the region it was mined.

Lapis Lazuli aids us in our ability to expand our self-awareness. It is a good stone for us to use during meditation where we can achieve a sharper perspective of our abilities as well as our limitations. In this sense, the serenity blue comes from tapping into Lapis Lazuli’s assistance with our self-knowledge and self-reflection. Lapis is frequently accompanied by Pyrite or Calcite, and both of these gemstone’s energies add intriguing dimensions to how this gem can be called to action.

Lapis Lazuli that contains golden flecks of Pyrite is considered to be the purest grade of the gem. Pyrite is regarded as a masculine-energy stone. This is important because it allows women to tap into a different way to access Pyrite’s attributes, manifestation, willpower, and creativity than we might typically consider. Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite inclusions assists all of us in putting our expanding self-awareness into action.

Calcite is considered a feminine-energy stone. It is an amplifier, taking on the energy of the gemstones or people around it and expanding that power. Calcite also can help rid negative energy rather than amplify it, which opens up the way for more positive energy to flow. Lapis Lazuli with white Calcite inclusions is an excellent stone to enlist when dealing with negative pushback. Calcite can help us to refrain from feeding into the negativity while drawing strength and determination from it.

  1. Ametrine

Ametrine is a wonderfully blended gemstone for uniting masculine and feminine energy. This is a good stone to use in meditation, where the feminine-neutral energy of the Amethyst element can help us tap into a higher spiritual state, bringing it back down to earth where the masculine-energy Citrine element can assist us in putting things into action.

We’re often attracted to gemstones’ vibrations, never taking into account whether they’re gender-associated. I think that is a far healthier approach. What I hope to accomplish with this list is to unlock the amazing abilities of a few significant gems that may be hiding behind gender-based myths.

– Amy

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