Return to A Healthy Active Lifestyle Part 2

Return to A Healthy Active Lifestyle Part 2 by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ActiveLifestyle

Return to A Healthy Active Lifestyle Part 2 by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ActiveLifestyle

In Part 2 of this series, WU World-Changer Amanda Ajoke Onitiju shares 10 more ways to encourage you to get up, get out, and own your healthy active lifestyle! Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1!

Last week, I shared my first 10 tips to encourage you to start living a healthy active lifestyle intentionally. This week, I will complete this series and share 10 more ways to begin your journey starting today!

This is a simple and fun way to get active. Instead of driving to work on a cooler day, take out a bike and cycle to work. Take out the whole family for cycling too, this is a great way to bond and have an active lifestyle. You should choose your cycle paths carefully. Cycling uphill increases your energy output and strengthens your quads, but be careful when cycling downhill. Make sure you’re wearing the right gear to avoid injuries.


Being with nature is a wonderful way to get active while enjoying the beauty and blessings of nature. Gardening can be quite tasking while it provides you the leisure of actually beautifying your home or neighbourhood. You may also get an assigned portion of a public greenhouse not far from home where you can walk to and enjoy the gift of gardening. You will be pleased with yourself; nurturing your plants and seeing them blossom into something beautiful while being active. Use watering cans instead of hoses and keep them at a distant so you have to walk to get them. You can also record the time spent gardening in your diary and see how active you have been.


Sweeping the house is another way to get active around the house. Instead of getting a maid to do this for you, set to work yourself. Put on some music to keep your mind off it, especially if you just started and find it boring. Sweep around the compound, rake the leaves while using a pedometer to track your steps, it will amaze you how much movement can be accomplished from this activity aside from the beneficial action of the muscle movements in the arms.


Most times we are tempted to get our vehicles to the car wash without thinking of doing the washing ourselves. The best way to do this is to rest a little if you feel you are tired at the moment. After your rest, get your buckets, brushes, and dusters and get to work. To increase activity levels, do not use your water hose. You may involve your kids during the weekend. They will learn from you, remain active and have fun too.


Walking your pets or your neighbours pet is another way to not only keep yourself active, but also your pet. Pick a road less busy with traffic, get a good leash, put on your running shoes and take that long walk. Make sure you have nylon just in case your pet poops. You can use your pedometer to count steps or just record the time you spent by calculating the difference when you left home and your arrival.


Sports are an excellent way to adopt an active lifestyle, pick a sport you love, even if you have never played it. Get friends or coach to teach you skills in that sports or you may just have fun trying it out with your friends or just you. You can fix days to go for a swim, play tennis in clubs or just basketball behind your house. Keep a record of time and days spent engaging in sports and stay committed.


Weekends or mornings are great for this activity. Rather than pay someone else to do this, why not take up this challenge yourself? Pushing and pulling the mower is an excellent way to keep active. At the end of it all, you save some cash, you become proficient in your mowing skills, and you keep your body active. Note: Ensure the lawn mower doesn’t vibrate excessively and wear the proper hand gloves.


Make this a weekend activity, 30- 40 minutes of scrubbing a tub is an effective way of engaging in physical activity, it is a moderate activity that can get you panting and exhausted if you have never engaged in it. You will be delighted with the satisfaction you get from seeing your tub sparkling your own way alongside the physical benefits to your body.


It’s a brilliant idea to have at least one simple gym equipment at home just in case you do not choose to go outdoors. A stationary bike, treadmill or bench press are all excellent ways to stop excessive sitting at home. Get on the bike and ride for approximately 30- 40 minutes, or more depending on your physical capacity at the time. Record times spent on the bike and make it a habit for at least days of the week.


Being a parent offers us the delight and opportunity to take our kids, neighbour kids or grandkids to the playground during weekends or off days. You get to spend time with your loved ones and friends while engaging in physical activity. Children can be agile and adding in a game or two can make this fun. Play games of tag, ball games or run games. Time on the playground can be inspiring and also revealing, so get to it.

It’s time to draw the line between sedentary living and getting active. Getting active affords you the benefits of staying in good shape over the years, getting better sleep, improved mood, burning off more calories, enjoying nature, boosted Vitamin D quantities in the body and effective release of toxins through expiration amongst others.

I hope you found several of these tips useful and begin to implement them into your daily life. You deserve a healthy active lifestyle.


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