What Runs Your Business? Fear or Faith Part 2

What Runs Your Business? Fear or Faith Part 2 by Deepti Arora #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FaithPart2

What Runs Your Business: Fear or Faith Part 2 — Imagine What You Would Do if You Knew You Could Not Fail. Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1!

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I have been mulling this sentence over. Failure, or rather the thought that we will fail, prevents us from doing a lot of things which otherwise we would have.

We have been trained since birth to be cautious, not to take risks, and to always play it safe. In fact, we attribute a higher percentage to failing than succeeding, and we prepare ourselves for failure.

Honestly, I have been trying to imagine a future where there is only success, and I am having problems. It is difficult to imagine a world without failure.

As I keep thinking of this, I realised that the problem arises not from failure, but our definition of what is success and what is failure.

Each one of us has a very clear-cut definition of these two terms. And this is how we create boundaries around us which influence the choices that we make.

There are a number of possibilities when we do a task or undertake a business, yet we limit our opportunities as we are scared to think beyond what we know or are comfortable with. What if, always hound us. We get bound by our definitions.

At its beginning, healclinic.in and where it is today, are two different entities regarding business model, processes, the space it is in, and how the business is approached. So, is that a failure? In some terms, it can be viewed as one since I had not followed the script that I had decided when I started and am still struggling to find my footing. It is a failure since we have not yet started making money nor are we actively looking for funding. In my experience, one of the success factors for a start-up is getting funding.

So, I come back to the original question: imagine if I knew that I would never fail?

How would that affect my work, the choices, and decisions that I make? And I realised that it would make a huge difference. I started imagining this for some time, and I felt free, free from judgments, free from expectations, free to make choices that may be termed as radical, but along with it also responsible for taking on the consequences of my decisions. And this is where we have to be careful. With freedom comes responsibility and accountability for our actions.

The other important point, learning from our experiences and ensuring that we are continually moving ahead be it in business or as a person. For that is what this statement is asking us to do, take every result as an experience and move forward and not term it as failure or success.

This I how I have interpreted this statement, what is your take on it?

If you want to learn more from my experiences as an entrepreneur, please feel free to check my diary notes. Next week I come back with “What are you afraid of, failure or success?” Until then, happy days!


– Deepti

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