Sacred Space & Meditation

Sacred Space & Meditation by Kellie Fitzgerald #WUVIP #Meditation #SacredSpace #Spiritual

Sacred Space & Meditation

One of the questions I seem to be asked most often is about creating sacred space for meditating.  Sacred space really can be anywhere you feel safe and secure, any place you can be quiet and go inside yourself.  Of course you can set up a special space in your home, your room or even in your yard that is permanent in nature, but really your sacred space can be anywhere you are.  Many people light candles, burn incense and even have special music in their sacred spaces.  Sometimes people have crystals or even wind chimes in their meditation area and cushions or pillows are very popular. Really the possibilities are endless. Here’s the thing though, the truth is you ARE your sacred space.

I know that sounds like a rather odd thought to many people but stop for a second and think about it.  When we meditate we quiet our mind, we go inside ourselves to find the answers already there just waiting to be discovered.  You can create whatever scenery, scents or sounds within yourself during your meditations.  If you want candles, create candles. If it’s the sound of a babbling brook that soothes you, create that sound.  Personally I have found different things work for me at different times.  If you’re honest with yourself, you too may find the sounds that sooth you during one meditation may become irritating during another.

Even being perfectly still is not a requirement for meditating or for creating sacred space.  On a recent motorcycle trip I meditated while traveling on the back of a bike going down the highway. Most of us have at least heard about the “runner’s high” many runners achieve or have experienced arriving at our destination with little memory of actually traveling to get there.  These events are actually meditative experiences. Learn to listen to yourself, that inner voice we all have, and you will learn exactly what it is you need to do in order to create your own perfect sacred space.