Scientists Discover the Meaning of Life?

Scientists Discover the Meaning of Life #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MeaningOfLife
What is the meaning of Life?

The meaning of life has been one of those big mysteries and a huge question that we ask ourselves. Another pressing question is what is my purpose in life?

I believe that we are all born with certain paths that we are to take, specific things that we are to go through, people we are to meet, things we are to do. The question of purpose and meaning probably won’t ever have a definite answer at least in this specific journey on Earth.

For a lot of us, we feel as if we know what we want to do in High School and then continue on to College. For some, their purpose may seem very clear, and for others, after school, they are scratching their heads and wondering why they choose a particular path. Their ideals and expectations, as well as their beliefs, have changed and now their purpose doesn’t seem as clear. Some may not figure out what they feel they are called to do until way later in life. Their meaning and purpose to them have yet to become clear, maybe the following will help clarify for some.

We don’t need a scientific discovery to give us the meaning of life. The meaning of life is simply the meaning that you give it, it is about what you bring to your life. The energy that you bring into your very existence is what will essentially give meaning to your life.

So here is how I see it, there are five areas to the meaning of life:

This is about what you bring into existence in your life. Your energy is either positive or negative. Just about everyone knows about the Law of Attraction and the concept of what you think about you bring about. The positive or negative thoughts that you have can create the very meaning of your life…. If you think positive and beautiful thoughts there will be more beauty and positivity in your life and the same is true for negative thoughts… If you are constantly thinking negatively then that negativity will continue to exist in your life. We are all made up of energy, this is part of our very existence. This energy will forever be a part of our life, from the type of energy that we emit to the type of people and their energy that we attract.

So being aware of the type of energy that we emit, to the type of energy that we allow in our life can bring meaning to our lives.


Being Loving and how deeply we Love will bring meaning to life. It is said that one of the main purposes of being here on Earth is to Love and be Loved. This to me is one of the most important aspects of the meaning of life. When we show Love, true unconditional Love to another, I believe the Heavens sing. Love is the best feeling in the world, to know that someone Loves us to the moon and back. The feeling of Love is sometimes indescribable, one of those…’you just have to feel it for yourself to know what it feels like…feelings. Everyone feels love differently but that Love creates energy, good, positive and beautiful energy and that creates meaning to each person in this world.


Being of service to others is a form of Love. We are here to serve, not be enslaved but to be of service to those around us. When we are of service to another this too creates energy; it is energy that is being transferred from one to another. When the service is pure it creates positive loving energy and that, in turn, inspires others.


Values are a very important part of our existence, ones that are overlooked and undervalued. We each have values that we feel in our heart and soul that are a huge part of our life. Sometimes these values are brought into question by others and by society. Our very own set of core values that we believe in must not be belittled or mocked. To help give our life meaning, these set of values that each of us live by daily are a very important aspect to each and every one of us.


To bring meaning to our lives we need to experience Joy, the joy that makes our heart smile and sing. The Joy that brings happiness into our lives. Joy doesn’t always have to be something elaborate, it can simply be a smile shared among strangers or a kind gesture. These things make us appreciate life and what it brings to our souls.

The above areas are all forms of energy transferred between two or more people. When this type of energy is transferred it brings meaning to a person’s life good or bad, positive or negative. It can also help us find our life’s purpose sometimes.

So, remember we do not need for scientists to find out the meaning of life… there is nothing scientific about it. It is up to each and every one of us to bring meaning to our own personal life and we are responsible for the energy that we bring to it and what we allow in. When in doubt look at the five areas above and see if you can bring more meaning in one or all of those areas.