The Secret to Self-Love and Loving Kindness

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You are probably familiar with self-help books and talk show hosts who tell you to love yourself, but you may be wondering how to practice that.

While your relationship with yourself is the most important connection in your life, it is easy to forget about nurturing it. However, self-love and compassion are too important to neglect because they create and shape your experiences and relationships with others.

Protect your health and wellbeing by making positive changes in the way you think about and treat yourself.

Changing How You Think about Yourself

Maybe you are hard on yourself or you are so busy with obligations toward others that you rarely consider your priorities. Looking inward could help you value yourself more.

Here are some strategies to help you to think more highly of yourself:

  1. Accept yourself

Know that you are worthy of love and respect just the way you are this very moment. Embrace yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Clarify your purpose

Invent your definition of success. Ask yourself what a meaningful life means to you, even if that answer shifts and changes over time.

  1. Talk yourself up

How do you speak to yourself? Choose words that are nurturing, encouraging, and uplifting. Use your internal dialogue to boost your confidence and manage your emotions.

  1. Offer forgiveness

Let go of the past so you can move on. Take any decisions that you regret and turn them into opportunities to learn. Make amends where possible and resolve to handle things more constructively in the future.

  1. Avoid comparisons

Facebook didn’t invent social comparisons, but social media has certainly increased the potential for envy and inferiority complexes. Try competing with your last performance instead of living up to someone else’s standards. You will accomplish more if you dare to be yourself.

  1. Think positive

Looking on the bright side and being able to laugh at yourself makes you even more loveable. It also helps you to manage stress and deal with difficult circumstances.

Changing How You Treat Yourself

Do your actions match your beliefs? You might say you love yourself, but your actions could be sending a different message.

Here are some techniques to help treat yourself with loving kindness:

  1. Practice self-care

Develop habits that keep your mind and body fit and strong. Go to bed early and exercise each day. Eat a balanced diet and watch your weight.

  1. Choose friends wisely

Surround yourself with family and friends who encourage and support you. Cultivate close relationships with those who share your goals. Engage in deep conversations where you can share your feelings and receive validation.

  1. Pursue your passions

Identify the activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Block out time each day for something you love, whether it is a task related to your job or something you do in your leisure time.

  1. Set goals

Give yourself something to strive for. Working towards realistic and challenging goals builds your confidence as you add to your achievements.

  1. Maintain boundaries

Know your limits so you can define what behavior you consider acceptable. That may include physical boundaries such as needing your own space and psychological boundaries such as being entitled to your feelings and opinions.

  1. Advocate for yourself

Once you understand your needs, you can communicate them to others. You will grow more skillful as you practice being direct and tactful in letting someone know if they cross your boundaries.

  1. Seek support

Ask for what you need. Let others know specifically what they can do, whether you are looking for practical assistance like pitching in with housework or just a friendly ear to listen while you sort out your feelings.

Loving yourself can help you enjoy more happiness, overcome challenges, and build healthier relationships with others. Make it a habit to treat yourself with loving-kindness and respect.

– Moira

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