A Self-Evaluation for Your Physical Health in 2019

A Self-Evaluation for Your Physical Health in 2019 by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #PhysicalHealth

A Self-Evaluation for Your Physical Health in 2019 by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #PhysicalHealth

It’s the beginning of a new year.

As you look back over 2018 and the busy days that turned into weeks and months, along with a lifestyle that is adapted by present-day technology, how would you rate your physical health? It may seem difficult to evaluate it, but this article just might be the reminder you need today.

Physical health has its various areas, and this might be the reason why you never achieve your wellness goals no matter how often you set them.

Be realistic and give yourself a thumbs up if you have done justice to each realm that ensures your optimal daily physical health.

Pick up your diary and write which areas you have excelled in during today’s self-evaluation. Good luck! Start with the most obvious and use a YES or NO answer for each question.

Here is a Self-Evaluation of your Physical Health for 2019:

  1. Your Body.

Take a moment and observe your body from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, stand in front of a mirror or look at each part of your body creating intentional movement.

  • Do these movements satisfy you?
  • Do you feel pain when you move?
  • When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you like what you see?
  • Are you happy with your shape or size?
  • Has your body served you well through the months? Or is your body struggling to get by each day?

Answer truthfully. It’s only in truth that you can find a solution to anything you choose to change.

  1. Your Lifestyle.

Getting rid of what doesn’t serve you and embracing positive lifestyle changes that include dietary changes, movement, posture, and attitude should be targeted for healthier days ahead. What could be missing?

  • Do you like your everyday life?
  • Are you practicing good time management skills?
  • Is your daily diet serving your health as a whole?
  • Have you been consistent in making out time for leisure activities?
  • Have you allowed the current trends to affect the way you live your life?

It’s never too late to change something you missed out on.

  1. Your Mind.

Ignoring your mental well-being can leave you unable to function properly leaving a person at the mercy of depression, loneliness and unable to process information where required. With awareness, you can discover yourself and build yourself into a better version of you.

  • Do you practice mindfulness?
  • Are your thoughts consistent with your actions?
  • Are you living in the real world or do you make your life a fantasy?
  • Are you hoping that things can get better?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by specific areas of your life so far?

When you find yourself, you will be motivated to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

  1. Your Spirit.

The spirit is your inner man, it is what gives your life more meaning. From it comes your intuition, interaction with God, the universe, creating connections with your purpose, hope, and intention. The spirit is truly you, your body is only a house for your spirit which operates through it.

  • What have you done to keep your spirits lifted?
  • Have you made time each day to communicate with God through your spirit?
  • Have you intentionally fed your spirit with positivity?
  • Do you have a purpose identified by your spirit?
  • Do you have hope in what you do daily?

Feed your spirit daily with the word of God and positivity. Do not leave it empty; or as the saying goes “an idle spirit man is the devil’s workshop.”

  1. Your Emotions.

Emotions operate based on the daily circumstances we find ourselves in. They could run wild and free and yet they could be trapped without hope of freedom. In your daily life, evaluate how your emotions have affected yourself and those around you. Remember emotions can be contagious, which have you been experiencing lately?

  • Do you smile often, are you full of joy and happiness?
  • Do you display anger at every little thing or person?
  • Do you doubt people so often that nothing seems true to you?
  • Have you cried so often you don’t even know why you cry anymore?

Add any other emotions you feel and evaluate yourself on what needs to change or improve.

  1. Your Society.

You and others make up your society, you were created a social being to interact with others and make the best of life. Wherever you find yourself, you have the ability to interact and share, no matter the race, religion, gender, or age. Without this societal connection, we would be dull and gloomy with no deep-felt fulfillment.

  • Have you been so caught up in technology that you have forgotten to interact with real people whom you can see or touch?
  • Have you constantly neglected friends and family?
  • Do you dwell on social media each day for support and comfort?
  • Do you find joy only in people you don’t have anything in common with?
  • Have you recently been in a public place with lots of people whom you have nothing in common with?

Society needs you today.

  1. Your Environment.

Where you live matters a lot. The weather, temperature, and air quality may affect your health in different ways.

  • Is your environment clean and free from hazards and harm?
  • Do you take moments to enjoy the morning sunlight and the evening breeze?
  • Do you stay out all day when it is freezing cold or sunny and hot without protection?
  • Is the air safe to breathe, is it free from pollution?
  • Are you stuck with harmful noise from your immediate environment?
  • Or is the beach you visit polluted and filthy?

Remember, guard your environment with love and receive health in return.

Evaluating yourself sincerely and thoroughly will help you determine the areas you need to improve and rejoice in what you excel in.

Shine forth with your new physical health goals in this New Year.

– Amanda

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