Self-Mastery for a Better World Part 1

Self-Mastery for a Better World Part 1 by Accolon Hollingsworth #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SelfMastery

Self-Mastery for a Better World Part 1 by Accolon Hollingsworth #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SelfMastery

Self-Mastery\’s Contribution to a Better World – Part 1 of a 7-part blog series by WU World Changer Accolon Hollingsworth

Want to help the world be a better place? Self-mastery will help you do so. Here’s how…

The Vision

Imagine a world of people who are spiritually wise, spiritually healthy, and spiritually powerful. They like themselves, love themselves, and enjoy being themselves. Their souls are strong and their egos are mature. Their minds are aligned with health creating actions and they love, honor, and care for their bodies. They live from their wholeness. These people have mastered themselves.

Self-Sufficient Loving

Rather than trying to get love from outside themselves, these masters meet their need with the love that is part of their inner anatomy. Because they feel it in a self-sufficient manner, they love others without manipulation or dysfunction and can do so because they feel secure in their ability to meet their own core emotional needs. They do not depend on others to feel love and are therefore emotionally free. With this freedom, they create widespread healthy connections, which strengthens humanity.

Personal Power

These people feel powerful without taking power from others by subjugation or abuse. They draw from a spiritual reservoir within themselves. Feeling self-sufficiently powerful, they are secure enough and feel no need to dominate other people. Because they rely on themselves, they are soulfully free. They are spiritually sovereign.

Peaceful Sexuality

Self-mastered people are sexually safe people. They are not predators. They do not manipulate, coerce, or attack people for sex. Their heart helps them with this by keeping their body and ego feeling the love of their inner anatomy. Their soul helps by leading their sexuality with a spiritual emphasis.

*There is a lot more to peaceful sexuality through self-mastery and how it helps the world be a better place. I will go more in-depth on this topic in the last article of the series: “Self-Mastery and Peaceful Sexuality.”

A Better World

In this article, we have envisioned masters with a powerful combination of characteristics and health-promoting capabilities.

Imagine such people as parents, as bosses, as world leaders.

What would a world created by such masters be like? Consider how much health and enjoyable living can be created by such healthy, powerful and free people. Such a world would transcend an abuse culture! Think of what humanity could do with such freedom!

Before you dismiss this as utopian rhetoric, I would like to point out that there are such masters in our world. While it’s true that most of humanity is not functioning at this level, the world is better because some of us are. Consider that as more of us function at this level: more will embody the best of humanity: more masters will lead humanity…more people will be encouraged and inspired to follow their example.

This works from the inside out. The transcendent quality of their individual inner worlds affects the shared outer world. Each master extends their inner health into the health of their social sphere, which in turn creates a healthier culture. The more of us who are masters, the better this works. When enough of us are masters, we will create transcendent health supporting economics and politics. In this way, the world we create will be experienced in layers of health from the micro level to the macro level. Really contemplate how this dynamic works.

You, the Master

You can be one of these masters. You can. You may notice that you already possess some of their qualities and attributes. Whatever level you are functioning at now, you can go all the way and become a master. In doing so, you will be one of humanity’s best hopes for a better world.

Call to Action

Help humanity by mastering yourself.

There is much more to self-mastery. You can learn more in my next article. Keep an eye out for “Self-Mastery Makes You a Champion” next week.

If you enjoy this article series, read my book on self-mastery when it comes out (date to be determined). This article series is a collection of excerpts from the self-mastery book I am writing.

– Accolon

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