Self-Mastery for A Better World Part 2

Self-Mastery for A Better World Part 2 by Accolon Hollingsworth #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BetterWorldPart2

Self-Mastery for A Better World Part 2 by Accolon Hollingsworth #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BetterWorldPart2

Self-Mastery for a Better World Part 2: Self-Mastery Makes You A Champion — Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1!

Self-Mastery is the stuff of champions.

Those of us who are practicing self-mastery win our inner battles. We collect inner victories. We use these victories to embolden ourselves to be strong links in humanity. We are triumphs of the human spirit!

Self-mastery is not for wimps.

This takes courage, accountability, dedication, discipline, and a commitment to being your strongest self. Your reward is the pleasure of being a phenomenal human; a champion able to enjoy being you and the ability to overcome the challenges in life. This feels fantastic!

What It Takes
Here is a list of challenges you must embrace to master yourself and be a champion:
  • Strengthen your soul, mind, and body.
  • Mature your ego.
  • Rely on your own soul for validation instead of social approval.
  • Overcome social pressure to conform and be courageous enough to be authentic.
  • Break away from the collective dysfunction.
  • Rise above your hurts with an indomitable spirit and live from your wholeness.
  • Overcome inner excuses (easier to do when you are excited about creating your inner victories)
  • Be bigger than your story and outlive your past.
  • Resolve (once and for all) the issue of self-worth.
  • Be self-loving enough to handle not being liked.
  • Face what you do not like about yourself and brave going through the uncomfortable stuff that comes up when you do.
  • Be boldly committed to self-care of your soul, mind, ego, body, heart (love center) and all aspects of your being.
  • Get spiritually organized and unify your soul, mind, ego, body, and heart (love center) into an effective team.
  • Keep maturing and holding to the best in yourself even when your needs are not met.
  • Hold yourself accountable.
  • Face your fears.
  • Love bravely (trusting in your own self-love to withstand any pain that might come along with such vulnerability).
  • Be unwilling to hold yourself back from your excellence!

Doing and being what is on this list will create the inner victories that make you a champion!


As a champion, you will inspire yourself (which is awesome!). You will also inspire other people. Your way of being will promote health in an inspired way.

Call to Action

Master yourself and be a champion.

You can learn more about self-mastery in Part 3 of this series next week, “Self-Mastery for a Better World Part 3 — Self-Mastery: The Ultimate Self-Care.”

– Accolon

If you enjoy this article series, I invite you to read my book on self-mastery when it comes out (date to be determined). This article series is a collection of excerpts from the self-mastery book I am writing.

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