Self-Mastery for A Better World Part 3

Self-Mastery for A Better World Part 3 by Accolon Hollingsworth #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BetterWorldPart3

Self-Mastery for A Better World Part 3 by Accolon Hollingsworth #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BetterWorldPart3

Self-Mastery for A Better World Part 3: Self-Mastery is the Ultimate Self-Care. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week\’s Part 2!

Self-mastery is the ultimate self-care. I say this because it requires your deep, thorough, and consistent care of your:
  • Soul
  • Mind
  • Ego
  • Body
  • Heart (love center)
  • Energy

With a practice of self-mastery, your self-care is pervasive throughout your being.

Soul Care —

Personal care of your soul involves honoring it: being aware of and attentive to its needs prominently. This means generally putting your souls needs first: before the needs of the other aspects of you. You care for the needs of your mind, ego, body, and heart in accordance with the needs of your soul.

Three essential ways to care for your soul are:

  • Challenge it (to strengthen it and to excite it)
  • Let it rest as needed (to revitalize and to process your experiences and growth)
  • Supply it with love and compassion from your heart.
Mind Care —

Caring for your mind, simply put, involves managing your thoughts in alignment with your health, personal power, and enjoyment. Let this be your overall guiding thought for the care of your mind. If you keep this approach (of aligning your thoughts with your health) your prevailing consideration in caring for your mind, you will align your thoughts accordingly with practice.

Of course, there is much more to mind care (more than this article has room for). It helps to get training in this (a personal fitness trainer for your mind).

Body Care —

The foremost care of your body is for you to actively love it with your soul, mind, ego heart and body. The specifics of how to best care for your body (types of exercise, nutritional choices etc.) will flow from this primary body care practice. Let this (love) be your main body care focus.

By the way, you did see that right. I did suggest your body actively love itself. Think of this in terms of exercise for example. The body does the work of exercising itself (with direction from your soul, mind, and ego). The mentality with which you get your body to exercise determines whether it is a self-care practice or something detrimental like self-abuse.

If you were to exercise in self-loathing for your body, it would not be exercising in love of itself. It would be exercising in shame of itself (which promotes sickness) and sadness at being abused by your ego. Of course, that is not the way.

Rather than force your body to exercise in order to not be seen as unattractive (by you), it is better to elicit your body’s participation (in its own self-care) with its love for itself. In this way, the cells of the body are infused with love as you exercise. This makes exercising a practice of self-care.

I have long been enjoying this difference for myself. I have an active self-care partnership with my body based in my soul and heart’s love for my body and my body’s love of itself. My body and I consistently exercise as a team unified in loving action for my body’s well-being. This feels good to me every time.

Ego Care —

Care of your ego mainly involves:

  • Appreciating its function of helping you be an individual
  • Maturing it with mentorship by your soul.
Heart Care —

Care of your Heart (love center) involves feeling it and using it. You get a lot of “bang for your buck” with this one. By feeling and using your heart center, you embody love and, in addition to helping your heart, this benefits your soul, mind, ego, and body. This also strengthens your immune system and makes your energy feel wonderful!

Energy Care —

Care of your energy involves investing in your vitality with your thoughts and actions. This is made easy by all the other self-care practices of self-mastery.

*Self-mastery involves more self-care than this. What I have shared here are the core self-care focuses. I share more about self-mastery in subsequent articles in this series.

Self-Care Discipline Made Easy —

Training yourself for self-mastery makes it much easier to follow through on your self-care practices. You are like an Olympic athlete. Olympic athletes hold themselves to the standard of their champion training. When you are in self-mastery training, you override your excuses and make choices according to the high standard of being a master.

Call to Action —

Master yourself with self-care.

You can learn more about self-mastery in my next article in this series. Keep an eye out for “Self-Mastery Is Not about Being Perfect,” next week!

If you enjoy this article series, read my book on self-mastery when it comes out (date to be determined). This article series is a collection of excerpts from the self-mastery book I am writing.

– Accolon

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