Self-Mastery for A Better World Part 7

Self Mastery for A Better World Part 7: Peaceful Sexuality — Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week\’s Part 6!

Peaceful Sexuality

I shared about this a little in the first article in this series: “Self-Mastery’s Contribution to a Better World.” Here is the related excerpt from that article:

Self-mastered people are sexually safe people. They are not predators. They do not manipulate, coerce, or attack people for sex. Their heart helps them with this by keeping their body and ego feeling the love of their inner anatomy (A person does not attack someone sexually while they are embodying love). Their soul helps them with this by leading their sexuality with a spiritual emphasis. These people are at peace with their sexuality and are peaceful with it.

The sexual peacefulness of self-masters runs deep. It comes from their grand harmonizing of their soul, heart, ego, mind, and body with the sexuality in their spirituality and the spirituality in their sexuality. Harmonizing with their own sexuality transcends much of the inner conflict about being sexual. The less inner conflict we have about our sexual nature, the calmer and more peaceful we are in ourselves about it.

A master’s sexual peacefulness also comes from holding their sexual experiences to a high standard of spiritual quality the same way they hold themselves to a high standard of being. A master prefers going without sex to making sex that degrades their soul.

Freedom Over Suppression

For a self-master, peaceful sexuality is created with sexual freedom rather than by sexual repression. The sexual freedom I am referring to is that which makes for empowering and healthy sex.

This includes the following freedoms:
  • Freedom from sexual shame
  • Freedom from sexual toxicity
  • Freedom to passionately open their soul
  • Freedom to be sexual in accordance with their soul leadership rather than social programming
  • Freedom from sexual repression

Being Turned On

The common meaning of “turned on” is to be sexually aroused on the physical level. A master takes being “turned on” to a more exciting level. Arousing the body sexually is merely the beginning. A master can take sex all the way to turning their soul on! And when their soul is turned on along with their body, their whole being is enlivened into an inspired state which activates their spiritual creativity and power. The enlivening empowerment and spiritual flow created by being fully turned on (body and soul) open them up to their spiritual magnificence. In this inspired state of being, the master can help humanity spiritually mature.

This is the standard which masters holds themselves to, sexually.

Co-Created Sexual Health

The enlivening empowerment and spiritual flow created by being fully turned on are the most exciting and the most potent when they are mutually created and enjoyed. When two people are feeling turned on fully in shared sexual experience, health creating energy is increased. Their spiritual inspiration is increased as well. And the quality of connection felt strengthens their emotional, mental, and spiritual stability.

As you can see, a self-master embodies sexual peacefulness, sexual empowerment, and sexual health. This opens them up to their spiritual magnificence which helps humanity. A master’s sexuality creates health and makes the world more sexually safe. This brings us full circle to what I began this article series with: how self-mastery contributes to a better world.

Call to Action

Master your sexuality in support of your spiritual magnificence.

This concludes my series on self-mastery. If you have enjoyed this article series, read my book on self-mastery when it comes out (date to be determined). This article series is a collection of excerpts from the self-mastery book I am writing.

– Accolon

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