Setting Your Intention and Making it Real in 2021

Setting Your Intention and Making it Real in 2021 by Dr. Dolores Fazzino #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Intention

Here we go, a new year is fast approaching. As we enter the downward year-end slide of 2020 into 2021, we are being catapulted into another year, another opportunity, a new beginning, and maybe a fresh start.

We can all agree that 2020 has been an interesting year with so much uncertainty that the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. For those who like to be in control, this can be a nightmare. What worked in the past, no longer seems to have the traction it had before.

Maybe this is the time to stretch ourselves and create something new. What if we throw caution to the wind and do it differently? Let’s face it; we are in unchartered territory without an outside reference point as to how to create. What had been working before is no longer working or reliable.

Too often, we set intentions, and somehow the intentions do not create, or they manifest into something we did not want or desire. We have all been there. I believe in those situations, the intentions were “half-baked” and not completely cooked. 

We created the intention, yet we did not feel it into manifestation.

Did you know that everything we desire is already in our energy field? True that. It is about aligning with the vibrational frequency of what it is you are intending and desiring to create. We may be currently vibrating at a different or maybe lower frequency than what it is that we desire, creating a misalignment of energies. If the energies are not aligned, ours and our intended result, the desired creation will not occur. It is like two ships passing in the night.

I invite you as you start 2021, to decide how you want to feel once you have the creation that you desire. Experience the joy, love, appreciation, and satisfaction that you would have if you had what you desire. Make the feelings and sensations real. This is included in setting your intention. This is a foundational piece and the secret sauce to manifesting your intention.

For example, let’s say your intention for 2021 is to create a new living space for yourself. I invite you to write down what that living space would look like. Be specific: I want a safe, secure one-story dwelling that is light and bright with an open concept floor plan. There is a fireplace, an outdoor patio that is beautifully landscaped with mature vegetation and flowers. The new place is within budget and affordable.

Now that the specific details are written out, I invite you to feel what it would feel like to be in this particular living space. Be as innocent and curious as a child. What would it feel like to live in this place? Does it feel warm and fuzzy? Is it a comfortable and cozy feeling? Feel the comfort, security, happiness, and joy, that this space brings you. Continue to feel these sensations and emotions, allowing them to be part of your physical experience.

By feeling and sensing, you are creating an energetic frequency that is aligned with your intention. 

This is the secret sauce providing the momentum to create it.

Feel the feelings your intention is creating as often as you can. Remember the law of attraction? Whatever you place your attention on, you create more of that.

As a recap, feel the feelings of having what it is you desire as if you already have it. You may be surprised and amazed as to how quickly your intentions become your reality.

– Dolores

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