The Shame of Toxic Beliefs and Patterns

The Shame of Toxic Beliefs and Patterns by Dr. Swan A. Montague #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BeliefsAndPatterns #Shame

The Shame of Toxic Beliefs and Patterns by Dr. Swan A. Montague #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BeliefsAndPatterns #Shame

Where do toxic beliefs and patterns come from?

How do they become so ingrained, and, can we ever move beyond their reflex emotional reactivity that sabotages all the good we crave?

Toxic beliefs and patterns are like malware viruses or out-of-date applications that run continuously in the background in your computer, popping up seemingly randomly on your screen, invariably at the most inconvenient moments.  In truth, there is never a good time to have these triggered, and they always come with a plethora of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic reactions that can run as wild as a pack of starved dingoes, wreaking havoc with your life, work, and wellbeing.

Toxic beliefs and patterns are derived from pain.

Whether it’s the pain of abandonment, separation, hurt, anger, family drama, addiction, dysfunctional cultural expectations and conditioning, past lives and karma, it’s always from pain. Pain leaves an impression, like a fire-branded imprint in the soul and in the cells.  It lives on in the cellular memory. Toxic beliefs and patterns create shame, and shame lives on in the unconscious, waiting for its moment to be released, healed and transformed, as does pain.

The unconscious creates outside of itself in order to be recognized, healed and transformed. This means that any wound, not yet dealt with, lives on in your unconscious, waiting for its moment of glory. It writhes away making itself known at varying volumes from time to time until it gets so unbearable that it explodes up and out of your cellular or soul memory. Or in a myriad of devious means, it will find ways to get people to behave towards you in ways that highlight this hidden emotion in you. It plays out its secret script to hold you hostage so you can no longer escape it. This is until you sit down, watch the movie and get really present with what the drama is all about.

Pain, especially from toxic beliefs and patterns becomes shame when the suffering and its original causes are ignored, ridiculed, belittled, demeaned, or through hostile environmental necessity, suppressed. You receive the signal that your emotions are not valid, real or cared about, and are left with no choice but to internalize the experience and find coping mechanisms to avoid the potential for it to recur. This is learned behavior.

Shame is learned or energetically assimilated from family and environment, developing the matrix within which you run your life.

Literally ‘in-formed,’ this underlying reality becomes the mainstay of your existence. It’s a survival mechanism, which at all costs needs to avoid being seen, for fear of creating more shame and perpetuating toxic beliefs and patterns. It becomes an inevitable, self-fulfilling, self-perpetuating, painful, radical and addiction drama, from which there is only one way out, through the feeling body and the DNA

The DNA is where all this is held. Scientists now know what spiritualists already knew long ago, that we have more than two strands of DNA. We actually have 12 potential strands of DNA, which I call the spiritual DNA. These 12 helixes hold the memory or knowledge of all we have ever or ever will be, and are the host of our potential ultimate enlightenment. Where there have been dramas, pain, wounds, traumas, or negative behaviors and actions, these strands of DNA have corresponding signs of damage. This damage, these breaks in the DNA are where negative imprinting is held.

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As light, consciousness, or experiences electrically impulse through our systems, the light literally ‘trips’ or ‘shorts’ where these breaks are, and that is when toxic beliefs and patterns trigger.

Depending on the depth and scale of the wound, the emotional body will then catalyze an emotional butterfly effect throughout your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental systems in an energetic chain reaction.

Years ago, when I learn about this in my psychotherapy training, healing toxic pain, patterns and beliefs was a long and drawn-out undertaking, involving great time, money and energy commitment, during and in between which time patients would frequently be in states of ongoing emotional emergency.  I soon realized that there had to be a quicker way to heal and transform this drama, and have spent years developing techniques to facilitate healing and transformation of this in ways that keep life in a more manageable balance whilst undergoing the rigorous process of transformation.

At this time on the planet, we no longer have the luxury of time. Consciousness is speeding up.  Evolution is gearing up for a massive swing through a cosmic shift of ages, which is exerting indefinable yet unmistakable pressure on all of us to make the requisite inner shifts through the dramas of a thirteen thousand re-incarnational year cycle.

The patterns and beliefs of lifetimes, long-held in your DNA, are now all up for review, release, healing, and transformation.

The good news is that, for the first time in thirteen thousand years, you now have the chance to jettison the entire gamut of your unfinished emotional backlog, and in so doing, have an unprecedented opportunity to make your own inner shift into The Age of Aquarius. The promise is of a Golden Age. All that is required is for you to find your own golden light within, buried below the old pain, and take your place in an entirely new paradigm of love, harmony, sustainability, divine purpose, and glory.

I am here to help you and have been painstakingly prepared to facilitate radical and lasting shifts for you. My mission is The Sacred World Renaissance, and I look forward to seeing you move beyond the limitations of toxic beliefs and patterns and taking your place in the promised Golden Age with me. The Divine knows who you really are and is waiting for you.

It’s time to let the toxic beliefs and patterns go and for you to know the Golden You.

– Rev. Dr. Swan A. Montague

Please join Dr. Swan A. Montague and 3 other experts on February 13th at 2pm EST for a WU panel that will discuss, “Releasing Toxic Beliefs and Patterns!”

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