Shift Your Vibration to Create Your Desires

Your vibrational frequency is so important, that it should always be your number one priority.

The reason your vibration matters is because what you put out into the universe becomes a manifestation that you experience in your reality. If your vibration is low, your experiences will match that energy. Often those are not the experiences that you want. If your vibration is high, you will likely be creating and enjoying experiences that you love.

We live in an abundant universe which means it is your birthright to have a successful business and life.

But what if that’s not what you\’re experiencing?

You’re trying to experience it. You’re putting effort into creating success, so why isn’t it working?

Creating from your current vibrational frequency, without changing it, is what you will continue to manifest. You can not get different results doing the same things. When you shift your vibration, you open your energy field to allow other possibilities to show up.

So, if the reality you are living is not the one you want to live, something’s got to change.

How do you change to create something different such as a successful and prosperous business and life? We’ve found that what’s required is a shift in your energy which will shift your vibrational frequency.

But that’s where most people get stuck.

You see, there are two aspects you must bring together to shift your vibration so you can experience success and create your best reality.

Those are your humanness/personality and your non-physical, spiritual being.

When you bring those together, you can effortlessly create a prosperous and successful life, while you experience your soul’s desires.

However, so much of the time, you are stuck in the mental mind. And it becomes exhausting. While your mental mind is important for practical applications when running a business, it’s also important to open up to your spiritual side if you want to reach success and fulfillment with less effort.

When you’re able to apply spiritual principles into your business and life, it assists you in manifesting the prosperity and success you desire.

Merging spirituality with practicality is what allows you to live your extraordinary life.

You are a powerful creator.

You came here to manifest your desires so you can live a happy, abundant and prosperous life filled with success. The key is to be aware and live intentionally. You can either consciously choose how you want to feel and act and create from that perspective, or you can live unconsciously, unaware of your abilities and ending up living a non-deliberate life. When you don’t know you’re the conscious creator of your reality, you feel like you\’re at the mercy of your outer circumstances.

When it comes to creating a business and life you love, you must be both aware and intentional. You always have control over what you think, do, and believe about any situation or circumstance. And, since your thoughts are energy it is imperative that you focus on having positive thoughts.

Then your beliefs come into play. What you believe is possible, is what you will create and then manifest.

So, what if your thoughts were filled with positive possibilities of living a successful and prosperous life?

The energy of the New Year is here! Now is the time to set your powerful intentions and what you want to create in 2021.

Try this short process:

  • Close your eyes and imagine what your reality will be like in the next 30-days, 6-months, and a year from now.
  • What are you doing?
  • What thoughts are you thinking?
  • How joyful, successful and abundant do you feel?

That feeling is what you want to hold on to because the more you allow yourself to feel like that, the more your vibrational frequency will shift, the more in alignment you will become, and the quicker you will attract what you desire into your business and life.

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– Donna

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