The Simple Truth of Our Spiritual Process

The Simple Truth of Our Spiritual Process by Christine Agro #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SpiritualProcess

The Simple Truth of Our Spiritual Process by Christine Agro #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SpiritualProcess

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels with your spiritual growth?

How many times have you found yourself thinking, “Didn’t I already deal with this? How am I back here AGAIN?”

I hear it often with my students. They feel a sense of frustration when the same lesson keeps coming up over and over again. But is it the same lesson? Most likely it’s a deeper layer because the more we don’t learn our core life lessons, the more wounding we pile on, that then needs to be peeled off.

That frustration really comes from not knowing or understanding the process of our Spiritual Growth and as humans, what we don’t know, can send us spinning.

In my work, that’s the core of what I do. I look at how we, as a collective and as individuals, are learning, healing, and growing as Spiritual Beings.

It’s fascinating to look at our Spiritual process and once we understand how things unfold, it not only makes sense, it makes our journey so much simpler and so much easier.

The Simple Truth of Our Spiritual Process

Here’s how it works…

At the root of almost all of our learning are three basic core life lessons:

  • Self-Validation.
  • Standing in Your Power.
  • Standing in Your Truth.

I play a game with my students and on call-in radio shows or podcasts where I have people tell me what they are working on and I boil it down to one of these three core life lessons. It’s incredible how at the root of everything are these three lessons.

But, here’s what happens:

The first time we are faced with the opportunity to learn one of these lessons is generally when we are very young and unless we had conscious parents, chances are, we didn’t learn the lesson at that point, but instead, we received a wound around the lesson.

Let’s say your core life lesson is learning to self-validate. As a three-year-old, you went running to your mother with something and what you wanted was for her to see you (validation). A conscious parent would celebrate you and teach you how to validate yourself by saying something like ‘I’m so happy for you, you must be so proud of yourself!’

But more than likely, the parent is in fact quite unconscious, and instead of celebrating or even validating, the child is invalidated. Hence, a core life wound.

The child continues to experience life situations designed to help her self-validate which continue to result in invalidation, building layer, upon layer, upon layer of a core life wound.

As the child, now an adult, steps into conscious awareness and begins self-healing, they are still learning unconsciously, and they begin the process, unknowingly, of peeling off the layers of the core life wound.

That’s why it can seem like we keep replaying the same lesson over and over again.

To step into working your learning, healing, and growing consciously you need to look at these two things:

  1. What core life lesson is at the root of whatever it is you are working on? (Hint, it can be more than one and sometimes all three behind a certain situation.)
  2. At what point did the core life wound first appear?

Once you have these two pieces, you’ll see how certain situations trigger that core life wound, adding another layer to it, and you’ll begin to see just how many times throughout your life that core wound has led you to react and respond in particular ways.

Understanding that we learn and heal in layers, can greatly support you and even put your mind to ease, as you navigate your Spiritual growth. Next time you feel like you’re back where you started, consider that instead, you’ve reached a deeper layer of a core life wound and search for the core life lesson to which it is attached.

– Christine

If you want to explore more along these lines, I invite you to grab a free PDF copy of my book.

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