Soul Energy: Energy Architecture

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As we seek higher states of consciousness, we can’t afford to abandon ourselves for the sake of this pursuit. Far too often, I see people disassociate themselves from their human side. They become so fixated on going beyond and exploring higher landscapes, and they forget that how we move our soul energy through our lives, through the body, is the sacred work we are here to do. Bringing Spirit into form, by way of our soul energy, is why we are here, and the body is the instrument we are given to do this.

– From Katy Bray’s forthcoming book, ‘Energy Architecture – Embodying Your Soul.’

Most of us know and live by, the understanding that we are made of up energy.

I don’t know about you, but I find that I love to linger in the world of energy because sometimes it just feels gentler and more expansive. At some point along the way, I began to recognize that all the time I was spending in meditation, in more high energy space, the less I was inclined to fully be in my body. The less I was fully present. Sure, my mind could be focused on the here and now, but I managed to disconnect from my body which dulled many aspects of my life.

I have found over the years, in my own personal experience and in observing others, that there are particular patterns of energy that quickly take us away from experiencing life on all levels, mind, body, and spirit.

It is in these patterns that we end up sending parts of ourselves energetically into areas of life that will not serve us and worse, deplete our energy leaving less for us to tap into for our co-creative purposes.

In my experience, three of the top ways that we mismanage soul energy are through:

1.            Denial –

Ask yourself, “What am I pretending I don’t know?” I trust that we are all wise and have our answers. It’s opening up our willingness to see what we are afraid of seeing that we re-source our energy back into ourselves rather than leak out.

2.            Expectation –

Ask yourself, “In what ways am I expecting others to act as I do, or would?” It’s this kind of expectation I see get in the way of people more than any other kind. Reroute your energy to re-source yourself by asking the question above.

3.            Disowned Desires –

Ask yourself, “What don’t I give myself permission to have, or maybe even, want?” This is one of the key ways that we keep ourselves small and unexpressed and it will leak your soul energy all over the place, or prevent it from flowing at all.

We are powerful beings. We truly are the co-creators of our life experiences. Imagine what life can be like when we know how to track soul energy through our body. Where does it get stuck? Where does it leak out? Where can I send it so that it can serve me and my highest purpose?

Many of us have done a lot of brain re-wiring and now it’s time to go to the next level. We must know, and be fully accountable for, where we send our soul energy so that we can experience a truly empowered, magnetic life.

–  Katy


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