Spice Up Your Love Life: New Moon in Libra

Spice Up Your Love Life New Moon in Libra by Deborah Roth #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Libra

Did you know that in astrology, Libra is ruled by that beautiful Roman love goddess, Venus?

So that means that the Libra New Moon on October 16th is the perfect time to reflect on what’s working (and what’s not) in your relationships, particularly with an intimate partner.

With Venus as its ruler, Libra is all about peace, love, and partnership. Libra energy is charming, sociable, and accommodating, but she’s no wimp either. Libra’s symbol – the scales – captures her passionate commitment to justice and balance. Yes, Libras can be great diplomats, but if you offend their sense of fairness, you’ll hear about it!

Venus also infuses a love of beauty into Libra’s energy. During the Libra season (which runs from September 22nd to October 22nd this year), you may be drawn to more artistic activities, to re-decorate your home, or simply enjoy some fine wine in a sophisticated setting. In other words, you’ve got permission to be a little more elegant and refined, as long as you maintain that charming Libra vibe, no snootiness allowed here.

So how can you bring all of these peaceful, powerful qualities together to create a little Libra New Moon love magic?

If you really want to work with the intention-setting, “planting seeds” energy of the New Moon itself, it’s best to do it on the actual date, October 16th, or sometime during the 3 days before and after. But as I mentioned earlier, the Sun is in Libra for a whole month, starting on the Fall Equinox on September 22, so you can tap into it to a lesser degree during that period.

Here Are 5 Ideas to Spice Up Your Love Life with the New Moon in Libra:

  1. Treat Yourselves to A Romantic Dinner Out

Libra loves dress-up, so find a flowy pastel-colored outfit, or even just a scarf, and put on those diamond studs you’ve been waiting to wear. Libra energy is also famous for not always being decisive, so embrace that and try a little tapas-hopping… stop into a few fabulous wine bars to sample their appetizers. Or stay in one elegant restaurant and creatively order a bunch of small dishes to share. Be sure to feed each other a few of them, too!

  1. Go Dancing

We’re not talking crazy, loud nightclub dancing here. What you’re looking for is someplace that offers ballroom dancing, the kind of dancing that requires ebb and flow and intimate connecting, tango would be an added bonus! If you don’t have a clue about the difference between the waltz and the cha-cha, you could sign up for dance classes first. It’s a great way to create that same “cheek-to-cheek” vibe on a regular basis. Then, go try it out during your romantic night on the town.

  1. Plan A Cozy, Mellow Day or Weekend in the Bedroom

Or you can just stay put and turn your own bedroom into your own Libra New Moon love nest! Burn some basil or Bergamot oil in your aromatherapy lamp, play some romantic flute music, and surround yourself with pale pink roses (red is for passion, so save that for an Aries New Moon). Just hunker down with your sweetie sleeping in, maybe some soft morning lovemaking (or afternoon delight!), or watching some mushy rom-com together. The idea is to create your own little Libra cocoon, then see what Venus-inspired activities bubble up.

  1. Have A Loving Sit-Down Conversation

Review what’s working in your relationship and what’s not, and how to restore balance to those areas. Libra is an air sign which governs the mind and how we communicate. So that makes this New Moon a great time to talk about your relationship, what you love about each other, and where you’d like to set intentions for making it even better. Those conversations can sometimes be tricky even in the best of times, but tapping into the peaceful, diplomatic energy of the Libra New Moon (and adding some chocolate, another Libra favorite!) can definitely help make it a little easier.

  1. Bring More Beauty into Your Bedroom and Living Space

It doesn’t take much to make your inner Venus happy, for instance, a beautiful hydrangea flower arrangement captures Libra’s thoughtful and gentle energy. And as Teleflora points out, “hydrangeas also personify the balance of opposites with their strong wooden stems and lacy, star-shaped pom-poms.”

Add some interesting artwork, a snazzy window treatment, maybe even a paint job or new furniture. Shopping together can be a fun (and hopefully) bonding experience, so can the re-decorating process.

Any important relationship work takes mutual intention and a little planning on both sides. Making a commitment to draw on the powerful energy of the New Moon each month gives you added support to initiate activities and conversations that can only enhance your love life.

For moon-lovers like me, that instinct comes naturally. But if the idea is a new one for you, then the New Moon in Libra on October 16th is, hands down, the absolute best time to start!

– Deborah

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