Spiritual Magnificence: Hope for A Better World

If you are looking for hope for a better world, I have good news for you! That hope is close at hand. You are that hope. 

There is magnificence in you. It is naturally in your soul, even if you have not discovered it yet. The thrill of this discovery awaits you. Feel into your own being deeply enough and you will find spiritual magnificence!

What does this have to do with a better world? Your spiritual magnificence is part of a better world. The more you let your it into the world, the better the world becomes.

What I mean by your spiritual magnificence is your innate spiritual ability to rise above the world’s suffering, trauma, and abuse. I am talking about your soul’s transcendent wonderfulness and its ability to bring that wonderfulness to the world.

This ability is needed. Your spiritual magnificence is needed. You are needed.

Your spiritual magnificence simply is. It does not require acknowledgement from the world to exist. And you do not need permission to be magnificent. In fact, part of the magnificence is being independent from the world in terms of how you choose to be.

Do you want some hope? Your transcendent wonderfulness exists no matter what you have done, and no matter what you have experienced.

If you have shame about anything you have done or experienced, rest assured shame cannot make your spiritual magnificence not exist. Shame can cover it up, the way dirt covers a floor, but just as a floor exists when it is covered by dirt, your soul’s magnificence still exists when it is covered by shame. Again, your spiritual magnificence simply is. And you can clear away shame to reveal it like sweeping dirt away to reveal the floor underneath.

Spiritual sickness in the world blinds people to their spiritual magnificence with shame to prevent them from getting healthier and happier. People’s own spiritual magnificence becomes a secret they do not know about. This best kept secret is a hope for humanity.

Do you see your importance in this? Your soul contains what is needed for humanity to make a better world. You carry within you the hope for humanity!

Using your spiritual magnificence to make our world better begins with you using it to create wellness and happiness in yourself. That alone makes the world a better place. How? The more happy people there are in the world, the more enjoyable the world is.

The next level of using your spiritual magnificence to make our world better is to help people uncover their own spiritual magnificence. First demonstrate the transcendent wonderfulness of your own soul. You demonstrate this in how you treat yourself and others. Demonstrating spiritual magnificence shows people it is possible to be transcendent of the world’s suffering, trauma, and abuse. Seeing, by your example, that it is possible to be spiritually magnificent, and rise above suffering gives people a glimmer of hope they can do this too.

Next, point people to their own spiritual magnificence. Encourage them to find it, feel it, and live from it. Help them believe in the wonderfulness of their soul.

One way you can do so is by interacting with them as if you know there is wonderfulness and magnificence in them, whether they are aware of this about themselves or not. You do not have to wait for them to show you the spiritual magnificence of their soul. The world has convinced so many people they are not wonderful and magnificent that if you wait for them to show their spiritual magnificence before you respond to it, you may be waiting a long time.

When you respond to the transcendent wonderfulness of people’s souls even if you have not seen them display it, you encourage them to bring it out and share it with you. Have fun doing this. I do. You can too.

Of course, be discerning as well. If someone is so blind to their soul’s wonderfulness that they are being a danger to you, it is okay to pass them by, for your safety’s sake. Move on to more receptive people.

Spiritual magnificence may seem grandiose, and may even get disapproval from some people, but the world needs this from you. You need this from you too. Neither you nor the world benefits from you downplaying yourself to appease anyone’s disapproval. Feel free to have fun bringing your wonderfulness to the world.

Find your hope for a better world in your own soul. Believe me, it is there. You are a hope for a better world!

Accolon Hollingsworth

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