Spiritual Masterminding To Supercharge Your Results

Spiritual Masterminding -To Supercharge Your Results by Gerry Straatemeier #WUVIP #Spiritual

Life, as we all know, can be messy.

Stuff happens. The water heater breaks and floods the basement. Your child gets sick or gets in trouble. The company turns down the proposal you wrote that would have meant a promotion. Then our own minds go to work and use fear, frustration, fatigue and other limiting energies to send us into overwhelm instead of into problem solving.

What would it be like to have a supportive, confidential group of like-minded people devoted to helping themselves – and you – to live more effectively? What if those people were already committed to some form of spiritual practice and willing to use their spiritual tools to live their dreams and to help you to live yours?

A Spiritual Mastermind group aims to help you to find spiritual solutions to temporal problems. It helps you to become clear as to your mission and vision, to articulate your life principles and goals, then to set your priorities in accordance with your principles, vision, mission and goals. Together you can up-level all of your spiritual vibrations to manifest your priorities and those of other group members.

Members share a common intention to become more successful in every area of their lives – and a basic understanding of the power of Love (spiritual practice) to change lives.  Having done your work in the intervening period, you strive to show up as your Highest Self, prepared to put your consciousness to work to benefit the group.

Everyone wants to be really SEEN and HEARD. In these small groups you are able to encounter other beautiful souls at a deeper level than is usual as you share your dreams, challenges and successes. You will hear each other’s honest heartfelt desires and support each other in making dreams come true.

Best of all, it is SO exciting to actually experience the power of other people seeing and believing in a result for you that you can not yet see for yourself – this is one vital essence of the Mastermind group dynamics.  Another is of course your own spiritual work at home. The results may amaze you!

Logistics – The group must be small enough that each member can share in a reasonable amount of time during the meetings.  The members MUST be willing to commit to set aside the time to show up at meetings to support each other and to do their “homework.” Sometimes members make a commitment for a particular length of time…say three months. The group can meet in person or online (Now, that’s new since my early Masterminds!).

The facilitator is a member of the group with some training in Mastermind groups. There is a basic structure to your process and the facilitator will help you stay focused and to use your time wisely.  Sometimes people put some cash in for the facilitator to demonstrate their level of commitment to their growth, especially after their first experience.

The original idea of “Mastermind” groups comes from Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich.” Many people have developed non-spiritual groups for business leaders.  I first learned about spiritual Masterminding through someone trained by Jack Boland. Jack was a Unity minister who developed an awesome process loosely based on the 12 steps of AA, which may or may not interest you.  Many Unity churches sell a $25 updated manual each year for people interested in joining one of their Mastermind groups based on his work.

I have used the Boland process with success; still I myself have adapted the process to something more flexible.  If people are interested, I will write a sequel to this post outlining my process.

If you want to supercharge your results, stop trying to do it by yourself!  Find a Mastermind group to support and believe in your vision.