A Spiritual Ritual for Self-Honouring

A Spiritual Ritual for Self-Honouring by Yve Anmore #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SelfHonouring

A Spiritual Ritual for Self-Honouring by Yve Anmore #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SelfHonouring

To be self-honoring is an essential aspect of your emotional and spiritual well-being.

It opens you up to being more peaceful and balanced in your responses to life. Honouring yourself allows you to expand and deepen your connection to others by causing you to be more accepting of how they love, live, and express.

As you allow more of who you are, both human and divine, to express authentically through honouring yourself, you deepen on your spiritual path. You actively invite the energies of synchronicity and flow into your experience by choosing to honour your authentic needs and wants. You naturally begin to compare yourself less to others as you gain greater confidence in your own unique path.

Self-Honouring Leads to Greater Clarity:

Honouring yourself leads to greater clarity in your decision-making and brings a supporting energy to your goals. You’re more willing to own and admit what you really want, need, and deserve. You become much more discerning about who you allow into your space and feel more able to set clear boundaries and stick to them. What you have to give to others is given more freely and in a much healthier, self-honouring way. This is the power of knowing, trusting, and honouring yourself.

With that said, I’d like to share a beautiful self-honouring ritual with you. This simple, yet effective, spiritual ritual, will support you to connect with the aspects of your persona that are not yet quite self-honouring enough. You’ll need a pen and paper or recording device close by to note down your insights after the ritual has been completed.

A Spiritual Ritual for Honoring Yourself:

Set your intention before you start the ritual, to be open to receiving your truest answers. Be willing to be surprised. Be willing to look at a situation differently.

Now, find a relaxing place to rest, get comfortable, and close your eyes. Begin to breathe deeply until you feel your heartbeat slowing. Feel your body relaxing.

As you continue to breathe deeply, begin to picture (or intuit) in your mind’s eye, a sacred circle with a beautiful, healing fire at its center.

Sacred Circle:

The sacred circle is made from sand-coloured rocks of all hues and sizes, evenly spaced. Each rock was placed there for its ability to hold the energy of the wisdom of the ages, amplifying the power and sacredness of the circle. The energy of this place feels peaceful, easy, wonderful, to you. Let the energy wash over you.

At the center of the sacred circle, you see, feel, or sense, a beautiful fire with a healing flame. It welcomes you. You can see, feel, or sense, its healing energy.

The flame is vibrant, and violet-blue in hue. It flickers towards you gently, calling you energetically towards it. You feel drawn purposefully towards this flame and find yourself seated in front of it. You feel its warmth, its wisdom.

This flame’s wisdom can reveal to you where you are not currently honouring yourself. Its gift is to give you this information in a form that you can best receive it.

You Receive the Answers Your Way:

If you are auditory, you’ll hear it whisper to you. If you are visual, you’ll see images rising up inside the flame. If feeling is your primary sense, you will feel this sacred flame communicating with you either as a knowing, or a sensation that just feels true to you.

You’ll Receive Answers to These 3 Questions:

  1. In what area of my life am I not honouring my needs?
  2. In what area of my life, am I not honouring my achievements?
  3. In what area of my life am I not honouring my growth?

So now, it’s time for the ritual. Begin to stare into the flame, hear its crackle, or feel yourself being warmed by it, and when it feels right to do so, ask your first question:

“In what area of my life am I not honouring my needs?” and allow the answer to reveal itself to you.

Make a mental note of the answer you receive, and any further insights that come with it. When you feel the answers are complete for the first question, repeat the process for the second and third questions. Again, making a mental note of the answers given and any deeper insights that come with it.

After you have received all three answers and feel ready to complete the process, state:

“I choose to honour, I’m proud to honour, I make a commitment to honour myself, and my truth. I say a sacred yes! to self-honouring.”

And as you state that sacred yes, feel the violet-blue flame responding enthusiastically, sending you a burst of warmth, light, and healing, aimed directly at your heart space.

This burst of healing energy supports you to absorb and hold these new-found insights physically in your body. Thus, solidifying and bringing into form the promise you have made to yourself to place your self-honoring at the forefront of your life.

When you feel complete with the process, you can take your leave from the sacred circle.

Feel yourself again becoming aware of your breath, the rise, and fall of your chest. Notice your body feeling grounded and connected to the earth. Fully back in your space yet, carrying the wisdom and insights you gained at the sacred circle within you.

When you’re ready, open your eyes, and note or record the insights you received while they are still fresh in your mind. You can repeat the ritual periodically throughout the year for new or deeper insights.

Feel free to connect with me on my Wellness Universe profile to find out how you can receive this self-honouring ritual as a guided audio meditation.

– Yve

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