How to Stay Social While Social Distancing

How to Stay Social While Social Distancing by Rachael Taylor #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #SocialDistancing

With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s all too easy to slip into a state of panic, fear, and crisis about what the present and future hold.

If the fear of the spread of the virus wasn’t causing enough stress, millions of people are attempting to cope with this pandemic in a state of isolation as social distancing becomes adopted by more and more cities, states, and countries.

While social distancing is necessary because it will help slow down the spread of the coronavirus and not overwhelm health care systems, this does not mean you are alone, isolated, or without any resources to stay connected to loved ones and the events of the world.

That being said, shared below are some ideas for you to stay connected with people and stop the feelings of isolation or loneliness as we practice being safer at home with social distancing.

Weekly Video Chats

The beauty of technology rises again with the ability to video chat and stream live interactions between yourself and those you love.

You can use your phone, computer, tv, iPad, tablets or social media platforms for virtual face-to-face conversations, hangouts, and happy hours.

Collect all your friends and family in a group text or message and decide on a weekly time that you’ll all get together and have a video conference to see everyone’s smiling faces.

Video Software Options

  • Zoom
  • ezTalks
  • GoToMeeting
  • Adobe Connect
  • Skype for Business
  • Google Hangouts

Video Activities

Decide what you’ll all be doing for that hour (or longer) and change it up every week so it’s fun and something that everyone looks forward to. Think of it as a weekly party!

  • Cooking from Around the World

Everyone makes a different dish from a different country and then you can all eat dinner together. Every week you swap out recipes and assignments.

  • Card Games

Everyone gets a stack of regular cards and plays their favorite game (go fish, gin, rummy, poker) so what if there are duplicates? It’ll make the game more of a challenge to win.

  • Board Games

Things like Unstable Unicorns, What Do You Meme, the Game of Life and Monopoly are some crowd favorites that everyone can do together in a virtual setting.

  • Paint by Numbers

Everyone can set up their very own painting station and video conference while your group paints by numbers, the best part is you’re already set up to show off your work through video.

  • Pictionary

All long if you set up your screen right, you can use the power of video to take turns drawing while everyone guesses what it is – all it takes is some good lighting to make it happen.

  • Virtual Happy Hour

Bubbly water, wine, etc. it doesn’t matter, what matters is you get to catch up on the news of the day with your favorite people like you would in a restaurant.

  • Dance Off

For my active, creative friends who love to move, pick a song in advance and then everyone creates a dance routine to show off. You can then collaborate your favorite moves and mesh all the routines together.

  • Workout

Whether you’re all learning a workout from a video or one of you is teaching everyone else, getting together to support each other’s health with a weekly workout is a surefire way to get attendees to your virtual party.

  • Book Club

Choose a book you all want to read and then create mile markers for what everyone will have finished as you meet weekly to discuss it.

  • Cooking Class

Someone will teach something everyone can cook, sending the recipe ahead of time and any prep needed so that all can participate.

There are many ways to get creative with spending fun times with people you love while doing your part to keep them and yourself healthy. The best part is, you don’t have to only have one meeting a week, you could create several groups of people and have video chats throughout the week so you get to see everyone you want to on a regular basis.

While we go through this time as a community, it’s excellent to be informed and know what’s going on with the news but it is good to choose when you’re going to watch the news and when you’re not going to watch the news that includes scrolling through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

It’s important that social media and online connectivity keeps an element of enjoyment for you because it’s a great resource for you to stay social through social distancing.

Don’t forget to follow people and things that will make you laugh, create a smile on your face and give you material to share with your friends and family on your weekly video chats.

Just because we are practicing safer at-home-does not mean you are stuck alone but is rather a time to explore creative ways to keep normal social gatherings on your weekly agenda. It’s a time to put your thinking cap on and explore new ways, strategies and activities you can do with loved ones, co-workers and friends that keep everyone safe and social.

We were not created to be alone, but luckily with the power of the internet, we don’t have to be.

This is a great time to be compassionate with others, gentle with yourself and connected to the people you love.

– Rachael

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