Stop Seeing People as Your Enemies

Stop Seeing People As Your Enemies by Melissa Schwartz #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #Stop

In light of the recent tragic events that occurred in Orlando, Florida, please take a moment to read today’s article by Melissa Schwartz. Please be advised that this article contains strong language that may be offensive to some. 

Sunday mornings used to mean lounging over coffee and the paper. Now it’s waking up to another mass shooting.

I am so fucking tired of this.

Not just the shootings but the misguided narrative.

What color was the shooter? Was it a hate crime? Will Obama finally say “radical Islamic terrorist?” Can we legislate gun control now?

These are the wrong questions.

We need to ask ourselves, “What is driving people to behave in this way?”

When I was a senior in college I went to the Himalayas for a semester abroad. Two weeks after arriving in Dharamsala, a tiny mountain town in northern India where the Tibetan government in exile sits, I was at dinner with some American students when the people at the next table told us the World Trade Center and Pentagon got blown up. I remember laughing nervously thinking this guy was crazy and not to be engaged. An hour later I saw the footage and felt the blood drain out of my body recalling the email I read from my mom a few hours earlier. She had just arrived at her office on Wall Street and had a busy day ahead.

The Muslim man who ran the internet shop let me make call after frantic call trying to reach my mom. I finally got through to my grandmother who told me she was ok; I didn’t need to worry.

The next morning, I went to the Dalai Lama’s monastery where he lead a prayer session for world peace. Here I was 1,500 miles from Pakistan, cultivating compassion for the people who would be so wounded that they’d become terrorists.

15 years later, I am a transformational parenting coach. I help well-intentioned, loving adults who are at their wits end with their children’s behavior — they are trying to guide these little people into becoming loving, kind adults and seeking out help.

Conscious parents, wanting to do the best for their children still struggle.

Imagine what goes on in most homes?

Too many children grow up in environments that leave them feeling powerless, enraged, bullied, helpless and ANGRY. They become adults who are embittered, intolerant and violent. They feel isolated and disempowered. They are HURTING but they are not my enemy.

Stop seeing people as your enemies.

Muslims are not my enemy. A Muslim was my greatest ally on 9/11 and I will not forget that in the name of fear.

FEAR and DISCONNECTION are the real enemies of our country.

No one who feels seen, important, valued or loved would take a gun into a gay nightclub during Pride and kill people.

For fuck’s sake, put the guns down and dance. That behavior is a cry to be seen. A wail for compassion.

If we want to tackle the epidemic of mass shootings we cannot legislate it through gun control alone. We must be willing to look at the cause. Why are people so enraged? How do we deal with that as a nation?

I for one, have made it my life’s work. Join me in raising children that will not tolerate violence. Let’s grow a generation of compassionate beings.

The way we change the world is not through laws. It’s not through war. It’s by raising children who are seen, heard and valued.

When we stop raising people who are so disempowered that mass violence is their only friend, we beat the enemy.

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– Melissa

Originally Posted here, via Melissa Schwartz