Stripping the Wallpaper

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So, the message is that the stripping back is worth it. YOU are worthy of the end result.

Inspiration comes to us in the strangest of places and situations sometimes.

This week I have been knee deep in house renovations, and one of the tasks was stripping the wallpaper in the bathroom, which at first glance seemed easy. That was until I got stuck in and realized that there were actually up to six layers of paper on some of the walls, and each layer had to be soaked and scraped off before I could start the next. Even the ceiling was papered, and painted over, making a waterproof layer that was horrible to try and budge.

But I wasn’t going to be beaten!

I’d been to the cinema the week before, so I had some 3d glasses I could wear to stop flakes of old paint and plaster falling into my eyes. I had old clothes, a spray bottle and a little radio, a trusted scraper and a step ladder. Game on.

It was hot and dirty work, and I soon got really fed up. The tiny bits of paper that were soggy, were now sticky as well and all over the soles of my shoes, in my hair and up my arms. I wanted a shower, but the ceiling above the shower had been my starting point so the tray was full of mess, and there was no hot water anyway.

I kept going, and my mind wandered towards the bigger picture of life, the universe and everything.

I looked at the mess, and the layers of paper and the energy and effort and sheer determination I was having to find in order to keep going – and I thought that this is SO similar to healing!

So many of us feel cracked, broken or damaged in some way. Less than perfect, battle-scarred or dented. Our reaction to this as humans is very often to cover this up, paper over the cracks if you will so that others can’t see our weakness in case we are judged. After a while this paper might not fit in anymore, it may feel dull or old or shabby and the cracks may be starting to show, especially if there has been any further damage. Instead of carefully having a look underneath the protective layer that we have built around the pain, and seeing how we can pour love, light and healing into the wounds and cracks that are evident, we apply another layer of paper, paint or varnish.

We fancy it up, maybe even get some bling on there to really distract from what’s going on underneath.

We keep doing this time after time, hoping that another layer will make us feel better, but the truth is that those scars are still there and they still run deep. Our substance, our very core and what we are made from in essence is damaged in some way – this could be the result of an unconscious relationship, our upbringing, inherited patterns or a whole raft of other stuff. The point is that it’s still there, no matter how fancy and expensive your wallpaper is (or your car or your house or your income), if you don’t start by stripping everything back and looking at the original damage in order to repair and heal it, you will always be papering over cracks.

The universe sees behind these layers, because when you carry wounds you carry their energy, frequency or resonance. That means that through Law of Attraction you are sending out energy related to these wounds into the world and attracting back matching experiences. (No wonder the car only made you feel worthy for a month or so.)

So the message is that the stripping back is worth it. It is often hard work, and it might take a while and when you get to the bottom of one layer there could well be another or even several. But no matter how long, laborious or painful the process is YOU are worthy of the end result.

Keep on shining, the world needs your light.

Love Kate x

Original Source to Article, With many thanks to Kate Spencer

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