Strive for Ultimate Freedom

Strive for Ultimate Freedom by LaTanya Hill #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Freedom

The year 2020 is winding down and there is hope placed in the universe for 2021 to be better than this year. We are in a “new norm,” as everyone likes to say. Therefore, it is good to spend time preparing for the next phase of life in this new society. But, instead of just preparing in the material sense, let us prepare for freedom in a higher sense.

Think of freedom from the effects of judgment, freedom from feeling a need to compete, and freedom from the desire to prove who and what you are to those who will never understand you.

This past year has altered our way of life, but it also has altered our way of thinking. We have become more aware of what it means to have those personal relationships with others. We have begun to truly value the presence and touch of another human. A handshake and a hug seemed a small thing in 2019, but in 2020, it is a sign of complete trust and strong familial ties.

We also have realized what spiritual and mental health mean for the preservation of the physical body. We have begun to research and discuss energy healing, spiritual unity, and how mental and emotional stability can be achieved by those in the field of energy healing. I myself am a Reiki Master who focuses on spiritual healing through mental and emotional cleansing. I see 2020 as a refocusing for humanity, for humans to realize their true self and life work in this world. We are not machines or drones who can commit the same actions every day without suffering from a deficit of some kind, be it mental stress, emotional pain, or physical debilitation. The year 2020 has brought fear, illness, and death; but it has also allowed independence, strength, and fortitude to come forward.

Prior to this pandemic, we allowed others to shape our thoughts, our emotions, our mental health.

Some perspectives may have been jaded and warped. We had no sense of balance in our life, choosing strangers over family and friends. Now, we realize how delicate the systemic model can be when a catastrophe occurs, man-made or not. We now realize that we have been placed in a bondage type of life wherein there is no true stability, except that of family and close friends.

Our financial systems have been challenged and at times destroyed. But this is a temporary state that has in actuality freed us. It has forced us to rely on our own creativity, merit, skills, and wit. In the past, I have been in difficult situations financially and emotionally. I was blessed that family and friends gathered around me to support and lead me out of the darkness. I had been placed in a position to force me to remember who and what I truly was in this world. I realized that I am someone who tries her best to get through this plane of existence without hurting others, only helping them. It is my calling and my belief that everyone has a duty beyond the physical. The material things in this world are beneficial to exist here, but the nonmaterial will show you how to truly live. Do not be content with being bound by society’s invisible chains of dark continuity.

Prepare for what is coming next. Strive for happiness, freedom, and peace.

For it is only through this realization of light will the ultimate freedom be achieved in this world. Your life is yours to lead as you so choose. Do not let others designate what you may and may not achieve or have for yourself. Do not allow negative situations and circumstances beyond your control limit your movement or diminish your intellect.

Remember who you were as a child, a youth, a teenager. There was nothing stopping you from leading a life of fulfillment and freedom. Yes, there are responsibilities as we become adults that may take us off the path briefly. But it is up to us as the adult responsible for our own lives to wade through the brush and briers in order to find the paved road that was created by our hopes, goals, and hidden desires.

Never allow yourself to be tethered by the words and actions of another.

Always strive for ultimate freedom, spiritually attained, in this newly created society and release all fear.

– LaTanya

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