Who Are the Stuck Dead and Why Do they Matter?

Who Are the Stuck Dead and Why Do they Matter? by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Stuck
Who Are the Stuck Dead and Why Do they Matter? by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Stuck
Who Are the Stuck Dead?

As a medium, my job is to help the living and the dead get closure by connecting and getting one more chance to say goodbye. It is an inspiring job to help both sides take one more step to heal their grief. This allows the dead to continue their soul journey in the afterlife, and the living to learn to go on without them.

Sadly, not all of the dead are actually in the afterlife. Instead, they are in a place I call the Gray Zone, an in-between place where all the dead first go, but many get stuck there and fail to actually move on to their afterlives.

Why? Well, not because of any religious dogma that requires them to cleanse themselves of sin or of imperfection, because there isn’t any religious or cultural dictate or mindset that rules the afterlife. Yes, you read that right: what we’ve been taught about the afterlife isn’t true. As a result, many people die and get tripped up by their preconceptions, and so fail to move on. The truth is, the afterlife is run by love, just like our lives here are.

The stuck dead are the dead who haven’t made it to the afterlife because they failed to love themselves, alive or dead.

Caught in this sad failure, they feel they are not worthy of an afterlife, and it can take literally eons for them to actually move on. This hurts all of us, alive or dead. The solution is to learn how to love ourselves, to carry that love with us into death, and to remind our dead to love themselves. It sounds simple, but it’s often the hardest thing any of us have to do.

In the video below, I will explain the stuck dead and why they matter.

The video was originally posted on Facebook Live on October 31, 2017. If you have questions or comments on this video or on my intuitive and spiritual consulting work and past life regression services, please consult my website.

– Robyn

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