Successful Anti-Aging Part 7

Don’t let aging put cracks in your foundation. Follow along as I share with you some of my anti-aging tips from my Doctor Lynn’s Anti-Aging Yoga Dance online class.

If your foundation is weak your house will collapse. 

Your feet and your ankles make up your body’s foundation and act as shock absorbers when your body interacts with a surface. We don’t think about it, but our feet take a tremendous amount of pressure every day by simply walking. The feet transmit weight from the body to the ground allowing us to balance and move forward and backward. Many problems related to knees and hips can be attributed to poor foot health. Being barefoot increases balance, engages muscles, and gives us stability all things we need if we are to anti-age.  Without a strong foundation our physical, mental, and soulful house will collapse.

As strange as it may appear, the very ground beneath your feet may actually be the single-most powerful health benefit on the planet, capable of significantly reducing pain and inflammation, improving sleep and energy, and speeding recovery from injuries and exhaustion. 

The Earth, you see, is an electrical planet and you are a bioelectrical being living on an electrical planet. Your body functions electrically. Your heart and nervous system are prime examples.  

You are an electrical being

Mother Earth provides a limitless supply of free electrons that give the ground we walk on its natural negative electrical charge. To get this benefit we need to remove our shoes and spend time walking barefoot on the earth. We can also get the same benefit from walking on stone, cement, and even the bare floors in our home, as well as wearing shoes with leather bottoms. Most times we all wear synthetic shoes, and these inhibit the flow of electrical charge from the ground to our body.

Each foot has 7,000 nerve connections flowing through your nervous system. The electrical charges from the earth move upward through your nervous system balancing out the energy of your body by decreasing the output of white blood cells, increasing the output of red blood cells, and thus improving your immune system. A strong immune system is one of the ways we can slow down the aging process.

Foot health

Here are a couple of easy exercises to improve your foot functioning. How about toe yoga? Sit with your bare feet on the floor. Extend the big toe upwards off the floor while toes 2-5 stay on the floor. Alternate lifting toes 2-5 and placing big toe on the floor. Do these a few times.

Kneel and tuck your toes under your buttock. Press your feet into the floor and hold for 30 seconds to one minute. Most of the time we are pressing on the bottom of our feet. When we reverse it the weight of the body on the feet drives out old blood and pumps in fresh blood. There are more bones in the feet than any other part of the body. We are constantly pushing down on them because of the body’s weight. This pose exerts pressure in the opposite direction relieving strain and fatigue in the muscles and bones of the feet. This has a strong positive effect on the entire body. 

The feet are important spiritual symbols. Pushing new blood into them symbolizes a regeneration of the spiritual life.

Physical foundation

Our feet are our physical foundation. They help us to stay balanced, strong and stable. But we also have another foundation, and that is our soul. If the soul is weak the body and the mind will collapse. Some ancient teachings believe the soul enters and leaves the body through the soles of our feet. The feet represent our ability to say balanced and travel the Earth freely; thereby, symbolizing free will. If the eyes are the windows of the soul, the soles of the feet are the foundation of your health; bless them for they bring us growth and good health.

Do something each day to appreciate and take care of your foundation. Bless your feet for they do more than carry the body; they carry the soul through this wonderful journey known as your life. 

Managing stress, eating a healthy diet, keeping the body strong, flexible and balanced, and a positive open attitude are sure fire ways to stay vim, vital, and vigorous, and those are the secrets to successful to anti-aging.

 Doctor Lynn

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