Suppressing Emotions Could Be Making You Sick

Suppressing Emotions Could Be Making You Sick by Kristin Craft #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SuppressingEmotions

Suppressing Emotions Could Be Making You Sick by Kristin Craft #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SuppressingEmotions

Suppressing Emotions and keeping them “hidden” is never good for anyone and never leads to freedom or well-being.

After all, emotions are simply energy in motion passing through your energy field and body with the sole purpose of being realized and set free. We are not containers for these emotions. Rather, we are conduits for the energy to express itself through.

When we start suppressing emotions, the flow of that energy is trapped within the body until we are ready to recognize and release it for our spiritual evolution, and personal sanity.

When we hold onto emotions for too long, they become “programs” in our body from which we live and operate. Holding these fear-based emotions in long enough is being spiritually and scientifically proven to cause disease and disorder within the body. Every emotion affects every body-system, tissue, organ, and cell. In fact, emotions held long enough can change our very own DNA, for the better or worse.

Two books that support this knowledge are You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay and ThetaHealing® Diseases and Disorders by Vianna Stibal. Whenever a physical ailment is getting my attention, either in myself or a client, I reach for these references to show me what emotions need to surface for healing and releasing so that well-being can be experienced instead. The books of both Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dawson Church also back this up with miraculous case studies and scientific study.

As an intuitive, empathic healer, which you probably are too to some degree if you’re reading this, it’s possible to encounter a whole slew of emotions throughout our lives. Many of us develop weird illnesses, allergies, and health conditions from the energies we didn’t realize we took on and kept as our own, that weren’t actually ours to take on in the first place.

If one doesn’t actively free these emotions, especially those gained from traumatic experiences, they will manifest themselves as disease and disorder in the body.

Here’s a general overview of what happens when we are suppressing emotions, although we each may manifest different versions unique to our own experiences:

  • Holding onto Sadness and Sorrow:

Although this is a natural emotion, holding onto too much sorrow and sadness leaves you feeling a heaviness in your chest. It may be hard to breathe, or your breaths are shallow, and everything seems to trigger tears. When you’ve held too much sadness for too long, all you see is sadness in the world and it causes you pain. After being suppressed for so long, these respiratory dis-eases have the right conditions to develop pneumonia, asthma, polyps, cancer, tuberculous, and even sinus infections and allergies.

Are you holding onto any sadness that you’re ready to let go of right now? Let me ask you a question. Who are you carrying that sadness for? Your parents, your siblings, your children, your spouse, your ancestors, your ex? You have the choice to let that sadness go. Are you ready to forgive them for what they did not know, for what they did or did not do, and for how unaware they were of their own life choices that may have caused you to feel great sadness and sorrow? Take some time to reflect and forgive what you can.

By forgiving them with gratitude for all life lessons they taught you and allowing that heavy sadness to pass through you (maybe through tears, maybe through sleep), you clear the space in your lungs to breathe greater joy and laughter into your life.

  • Holding onto Anger:

It’s natural to feel some form of anger periodically, whether it’s overwhelm, worry, doubt, complaining, etc., as we are all humans. However, constant suppression of it (and therefore holding the vibration of anger for too long), can tune the body to all kinds of dis-eases and dis-orders, though our natural state is well-being.

When one does not know how to express anger in a healthy way, they may feel uncomfortable expressing it at all. But anger always finds a way out. It’s a cry for help, a cry for release, a cry for love.

When anger is left unacknowledged and unaddressed, liver problems can develop, along with inflammation, which cultivates an environment for a wide range of diseases as it actually damages DNA. As one can imagine, that boiling anger within also manifests itself as fevers, burns, boils, cuts, all kinds of “-itis”, and sores. The steam of anger will find a way to express itself no matter how much we try to suppress it.

It’s a signal trying to get your attention so you can set the emotions free.

Anger can be released simply by acknowledging, “I am angry about ___.” Sometimes “getting it off our chest” is all we need to feel relief. Other forms of holistic therapy by a trained professional may be required for more deep-seated anger to be gently brought to the surface in a loving way. Anger only needs your love and attention and is a great teacher from which to grow.

Although there are many more emotions to discuss, releasing sadness and anger from within you is a great start to feeling more relief and joy in your life. Simply by being willing to release anger and sadness, the Universe will guide you in the most loving way to do so.

Whether you find liberation through yoga and exercise or art and creative expression, there are many healthy ways to experience the release of this energy that, are actually, creative rather than destructive. Writing in a journal is another productive way to sort out your feelings and thoughts. It takes time to write so it actually slows down your thoughts to a speed at which you can decipher them and put them into words. Once you have clarity, it’s easier to let it go.

As you do this, remember you’re allowed to feel these emotions, you’re allowed to express them, and you’re allowed to let them go.

– Kristin

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